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How to add a password to a rar file with winrar

How To Add Password to Rar Archive

Add Password to Rar Archive
About Winrar

Winrar is the data compressing tool which can compress and decompress data to certain extent and marked as best Compressing shareware Software , By using Winrar  you can save you hard-disk space by compressing large files and folder also you can compress any data like Video ,file ,music ,movie in two format  i.e. rar format and zip format where by using Winrar you can decompress data from various formats like Rar,CAB, ARJ, LZH, 7Z,TAR, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, GZ, Z, zip archives etc.

Download latest Winrar  : WinRAR 4.20 (32-bit)    WinRAR 4.20 (64-bit)  

Before proceeding with steps involves in adding rar archive password , you must know 

What makes a password strong and secured 

  • Use Ateast 8 character long password for strong passwords security .
  • Always include Uppercase letters ,Lowercase letters,Numbers (prime number) ,special character to make strong password .

How To Add Password to Rar Archive Steps 

Step 1 : Download and install latest WinRAR software from official winrar website www.rarlab.com or from above Links , After successfully installation of WinRar , Right click on any folder and file to add file and folder to Rar archive with password . (Refer Figure 1.1 )

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Now click on add to archive as shown in Figure 1.2 .

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.2 

Step 3 : You can also change your new Rar archive name of folder or file by renaming under archive name , once you done , click on  Advance tab as shown in Figure 1.3 .

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Click on Set password under advance tab as shown in Figure 1.4 .

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Now enter you password and confirm  by re entering same password in other password text field (Refer Figure 1.5 )

Add Password to Rar Archive

 Figure 1.5

Step 6 : Before proceeding with adding archive with password , you must note down your password for later use , to see your password , Click on show passwords . (Refer Figure 1.6)

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.6

Step 7 : There are two ways of encrypt any file or  folder , 1) Simple , 2) Encrypt file name . you can choose simple password by simple leaving behind Encrypt file name unchecked by doing so your file name and extension will be visible (as shown in Figure 1.8 ) but not accessible without password , while by choosing Encrypt file name ,all of your folder's file will be only accessible when you enter password (as shown in Figure 1.7 ), even without password no one will know what a particular password protected folder contains . (Refer Figure 1.7)

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.7

Step 8 :Congrats you added password to folder in rar format .You can extract your file or folder only with valid password . (Refer Figure 1.8)

Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.7

Step 9 : You will able to see / extract ,open file and folder only if you have valid password , a password which has been used at the time of arching file or folder with password .
Add Password to Rar Archive

Figure 1.8

Watch on youtube How to Add a Password to a RAR File with  winrar

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How to Cure a Hangover and How to Avoid a Hangover ?

How to Cure and Prevent hangover .

What is Hangover?

A Hangover is the unpleasant experience like Headache , nausea , due to excessive intake of alcohol Or alcoholic beverage like Beer [Alcoholic Strength 4% to 6% alcohol by volume(ABV)] ,wines [Alcoholic Strength 9%–16% alcohol by volume(ABV)] etc , Most People suffer from hangover during morning hours While some People suffer after Sleep hangover depends on how individual's body reacts to Alcoholic product .Its not necessary that hangover occurs only in morning hours , hangover can occurs any time . For some people hangover occurs only within few hours with few drinks but for some people its doesn't because Hangover depends on the Drinker's body's health and phsic
How Hangover caused ?


In simple language, Hangover caused due to Excess of Drinking Alcoholic Drinks [More then 4 " On the rocks" Pegs for some people ] . Main reason for the cause of hangover is due to alcoholic drink . Alcoholic drink contain Ethanol which act as a dehydrating Agent , Ethanol took away all the water from body due to dehydration leaving behind Dehydrate Drinker due to which people suffer from headace , Stomache , Sometime cause acidity due to which Eye visibility reduce for small interval of time .

What are the Symptoms of Hangover

  • Headaches : Headache is the primary Symptom after heavy alcoholic drink .
  • Dry mouth : Causes due to Heavy dehydration in Drinker's body .
  • Vomit : Excessive of alcohol some time cause acidity , Unpleasant Stomache .
  • Stomache : Excessive of drinking upto stomach capability .
  • Less visibility through eyes temporary : Causes due to drinking alcohol with empty stomach .

How to Cure a Hangover ?

A Best way to Avoid hangover is to reduce the Consumption of alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks , More better way of reducing hangover is to avoid alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks .However you can also cure hangover fast by drinking lime Juse or oragnge use

You Need Sufficient Amount of Hours to cure your hangover .

1) Drink water: To reduce of risk of Dehydration , Before drinking Alcohol , Drink Ample Amount of Water [2-3 Glass full of water ] . Also drink Sufficient amount of water after finishing your Alcoholic drink . Why drinking water ? drinking water will reduce the chances of being dehydrated .

Drink water

2) Take a shower : Try to take Shower For few minutes .

Take a shower

3) Sleep well : You should sleep at least 6-7 hours . but make sure to take one glass of water with lemon before going for bed .

Sleep well

4) Eat Well :Try To eat Mineral rich food or fatty food in this way your Metabolism start to digest Food instead of Ethanol Chemical Decomposition in your Body.

How To Avoid Hangover

  • The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol induced hangover is to avoid drinking
  • Before Drinking try to take some health foods .
  • During drinking Alcohol , Drink Ample Amount of Water .
  • Do not Drink alcohol with empty stomach , try to take some snack or fatty food like burger etc .
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How to solve Blogger Template Designer problem and Editing html issues

How to solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem 

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem
Blogger Template Designer not applying changes ? Don't worry , this is no longer a big issue because Shoutingblogger  have figured out and resolved the Blogger Template Designer problem and its solution , Genuinely i had spent 15 days to solve this issue related to Blogger Template Designer for my fellow 20-Millions Blogger buddies and Google(Blogger) team hopefully i was the first to solve Blogger Template Designer problem with 100% working solution .


Around 38% of blog owner in blogger.com are facing problem with modifying blogger templates but its has nothing to do with New Blogger Comparability but as you guys know blogger.com , has been switched Completely to new blogger interface due to which some of the Custom templates uploaded  in Blogger are not Working or not able to modify it using template Designers ,Editing html code of template ,So you guys are sure fed up with Template designer issues in blogger and you would love to know that i have found out the problem associated with blogger templates . So don't Worry about your modifying templates issue , I will Help you guys out . Before Proceeding with Solution for   Blogger Template Designer problem , you must know why your templates Designer is not working .

What are the blogger template designer problems ? 

  • You will not able to Customize your blogger templates .By doing so you will be redirected to Blank page preview
  • You will not able to edit Html of your  blogger templates .By doing so you will be redirected to Blank page preview

Why Blogger Template Designer / Blogger templates Edit html is not working

There are only few reason's due to which your blogger templates Designer / Blogger templates Edit html is not working at all these are
  • You must be using  heavy Css custom template . 
  • You must be using any Page /blog overriding Java-scripts code
  • You must be using Right Click Disable Codes , Right Click Disable (Java Scripts) is not compatible with some of the custom blogger templates in new blogger interface . 
  • You must be using Frame breaker Codes .Frame breaker java Scripts Codes is also not compatible with some of the custom blogger templates  in new blogger interface .(Main Reason)

How to Solve Blogger Template Designer Problem 

There are two Solution for solving Blogger Template Designer issue ( Broken Blogger Template Edit Html and Broken Blogger Template Designer  ) . 
  1. Frame breaker is the main issue due to which you can't modify your templates so , Remove Frame breaker code via Layout  (See videos below)
  2. Remove heavy java scripts which is related to Modifying / customizing your blogger also remove any redirect script installed  via Layout
  3. Remove Right click Disable Java Script Code using .
  4. Remove any  Blog /Page overriding java scripts Codes via layout

Let me Show you how to repair you broken template (Solution to Blogger Template Designer Problem )

Step 1 :  Log-in to your blogger dashboard by sign-in at  blogger.com and choose blog in which you were facing blogger template problem   (Refer Figure 1.a)

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem

Figure 1.a

Step 2 : To find out whether your template is Working fine for your particular blog just click on Template , If you were having blogger template Problems then within 5 seconds you will be redirected to blank page as show in Figure 1.b . Now its time To solve this issue , Proceeds to Step 3 .

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem

Figure 1.b .

Step 3 :  Choose your blog in which you were facing blogger template problem and Click on layout as shown in Figure 1.c .

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem

Figure 1.c 

Step 4 : Find all the java scripts ,frame breaker code ,frame killer code , right click disable codes and store on your txt file for later use (you can install these scripts again when you Finnish with template designing and edit html stuff but your need to repeat same process again for making template work if you install heavy java again )  because we need to remove all the java scripts from layout to make template designer as well as edit html work . ( Refer Figure 1.d )

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem

Figure 1.d 

Step 5 : Remove Page/blog templates/ Domains overriding Java scripts codes like frame killer and Right click Disable ,heavy java scripts etc via layout ( Refer Figure 1.e )

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem

Figure 1.e

Congrats ! Now Test your template :P . You will be able to Edit your template html and blogger designer .If you still having problem with blogger templates ,We love to solve any problem related to blogger in our forum 

 We appreciate if you put  Shoutingblogger.blogspot.com  in your blog a

 solve Blogger Template Designer not working Problem

Solved template Redirect issue Screenshots

Watch on you-tube How to solve Blogger Template Designer not applying changes problem (Blogger Template )

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How To Deactivate Facebook Account .

How to Deactivate Facebook account ? 

 Deactivate or Reactivate Facebook AccountDeactivating Facebook account is too simple and easy . By deactivate Facebook account you will be able to hide all your Facebook public profile , Photos ,Comments ,Shares ,likes your timeline will disappears immediately after deactivating , that's means all of your's Facebook identity will be hidden by your request using deactivating option in Facebook ,You can also reactivate your Facebook account by just login to your Facebook account but you can only restore your Facebook account after 24 hours of your's Facebook deactivation . When you successfully reactivate your Facebook account , Your timeline will appears to others immediately ,as it was before deactivating .

What is the difference between deleting and deactivating Facebook .

There is huge difference between deleting Facebook and deactivate Facebook account .Deleting Facebook account is used for permanent removal of your Facebook accounts ie your Facebook Timeline , likes ,comments ,share , Facebook pages etc  while Deactivating Facebook  used for temporary hiding your Facebook public profile including your timeline ,photos,likes,shares ,comments Facebook page (Optional) etc ( Making your Facebook account invisible .)

What happens  when i deactivate my Facebook account ?

  • Your Facebook timeline will go invisible .
  • People will not able to search your account .
  • Your Added Facebook  friends  will not able send message to you .
  • People on Facebook will not able to send friend request .
  • Your likes , Notes ,Comments will Go invisible .

How to deactivate Facebook account permanently

You can  deactivate your Facebook account permanently anytime by deactivating your Facebook account provided you should not  Login to your Facebook account  because if you do so then your Facebook account will be reactivated .  If you no longer need your Facebook account then you may also be able Delete your Facebook accountHow to delete Facebook Account ) .

Step to Step guide with Screenshots to deactivate Facebook account .

Step 1 : Open http://www.facebook.com in your browser . Log in to your Facebook account .(Figure 1.a)


Figure 1.a

Step 2 : Click on Drop down button  located at top right . (Refer figure 1.b )


Figure 1.b

Step 3 : When you click Drop down button a small window will open , click on Account setting . Refer Figure 1.c )

REactivate FB

Figure 1.c

Step 3 : Click on Security , just below general tab at top left And click on Deactivate your account ( Refer Figure 1.d )

Deactivate FB

Figure 1.d

Step 4 : Enter Reason for leaving and click on confirm . ( Refer Figure 1.e)

Deactivate Facebook

Figure 1.e
Step 5 : Enter your Facebook password and click Deactivate now . ( Refer Figure 1.f)

Deactivate Facebook Account

Refer Figure 1.f

Step 6 : Enter Captcha  and click Submit and you done with deactivating your Facebook account .You can reactivate your Facebook account after 24 hours of deactivation , Just by  login to your Facebook account 

Watch on you tube How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account fast 

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How To Change Facebook Username 2014

How to change Facebook username (Facebook public profile)

How to change Facebook username
When a new user signup Facebook , By default , He/she was assigned with the random unique username according to there first and last name . Some users get cool or acceptable Facebook public profile username and some gets unacceptable Facebook public profile username . Most of the Facebook new user as well as some of the old Facebook account holder are not aware about Facebook feature like changing there Facebook public username . Are you kidding ??  Definitely not , you can change your Facebook public username whenever you want provided you need to verify your mobile in Facebook through sms or phone calls . however phone activation for Facebook is beings disabled for few country so , you can verify your mobile number using sms via phone .In this tutorial we assume that you already verified your phone in Facebook because we have skipped the phone number verification steps .

Some Questions related to Facebook username

How many time can i change username ?

  • You can change your Facebook public profile username as many time you want ! but make sure not to change your Facebook username to often ,your Facebook accout  against as per terms of facebook

What is the use of  Facebook username  

  • Your friends relative and people can easily search your Facebook public profile without log in to Facebook  using your Facebook unique username .Only what you need to do is to provide your Facebook username for your beloved one .

What made peoples to change there Facebook username

  • People gets random Facebook username during signup due to which some of the people gets wired   Facebook username name which are unacceptable for some peoples that's why they need to change there facebook username

Why to change Facebook username. 

  • By using  Facebook username , you can easily find Facebook account holder on Facebook without knowing about  email id , details  etc .

How many times can I change my Facebook username

You can't change your Facebook username more then two time . For some user it can be only one time  , But make sure not to change Facebook username with eyes close because according to facebook tos , you can't change facebook username more then 2 time. If you do so , then you need to face Facebook security check .  You can bypass Facebook security check by verifying your mobile number .

Before getting started with steps to change Facebook username , let me clears difference between Facebook username for addressing Facebook user profile (Facebook username URL) where as  Facebook page username is used for addressing Facebook page address (Facebook page username URL) both Facebook username sounds similar but both are Different . So here i am taking about changing Facebook username for People's profile rather then Facebook page username . We have already written article to change  Facebook Page name (Facebook page username )  >> How to change Facebook page username

Example of Facebook username for People's profile
Example of Facebook username for facebook page username

Requirements to change Facebook username 

There is only one requirement to enable Facebook username / change your Facebook username , You need to verify your phone number (a phone number which was not used in Facebook for verification  before ) .

Lets Gets started with the steps involve in changing Facebook public username

Step 1 : Sign-in to your Facebook account (facebook Security tip : Do not provide your password to any one (Read more  How to secure your Facebook account  )

      To see your current Facebook username . Click on your profile pic  (as show in Figure 1.a) .


          Figure 1.a

Step 2 : Click on Drop down arrow , At Top right , just near your home button .(Refer Figure 1.b)

Figure 1.b

Step 3 : Click on Account setting as shown in Figure 1.c .

 Figure 1.c

Step 4 : Click on edit option under username label as shown in Figure 1.d

Figure 1.d

Step 4 : Now if you have not verified your phone number then you have to verify your mobile no via sms . To verify your mobile number in Facebook click on verify mobile no , Select your country , enter your mobile number and click on send , you will receive your Verification code via sms in your mobile , enter those code carefully , Click verify  (Note :Some time you receive Facebook verification code sms after fifteen minute due to server load )

Step5 : Finally , Enter your new Facebook username  , click on check availability to find out whether your new username is available or not , once you satisfied with your username , enter your old Facebook password and click on Save change (Refer Figure 1.e)

Figure 1.e

Congratulation ! you have just know successfully changed your Facebook username . 

How to change Facebook username on YouTube

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How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast .

How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved

If your main motive is to serve your audience with the quality content and make them available with the easy to understand and informative content then for sure you will make money out of Adsense by Creating Google Adsense Account

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best publisher network for monetizing your blog / website with Cpc Cpm and CPE ads .Google AdSense Cpm, Cpc payout rate is really high as compare to other website, Even now you can monetize your game apps with advertisement. It's like dream for the new publisher to get Google AdSense account approved. But in reality, getting Google Adsense account approved is not kid play these day's. Actually, Google earn's majority of money with advertisement and considered as best solution for advertise business .To ensure value for the money for their advertiser Google has tighten there new publisher AdSense Terms and condition and application approval rate

Its not Google who are being rude to new publisher they are doing well in the field of serving quality advertisement for advertisers . Imagine you invest 50$ for advertisement in Google and in return you can advertisement make business of 10 $ . What if your advertisement is served in website with low quality or non relevant website as per your advertisement . Feel like some one had pick pocket you saving. Same thing happen's with other advertiser if Google loosen there AdSense application approval standard .

10 Tips to Get Google AdSense Account Approved Fast

Now the ultimate question arise for every new website owner is how do they get their Google AdSense application approved naturally and safelly. Answer is straight and easy, your website must comply with AdSense terms and conditions . Although there are several factor affect towards Adsense application approval out of those some of the important points that a website/blog must have to get Google AdSense account approved. These are


Google AdSense accept website with Quality/unique content

One of the Important factor responsible for Google Adsense approval/disapproval is your website/blog content, this is the major factor considered for Google AdSense application. Quality and informative content not only helps in getting Google AdSense application approval but it also plays wide role in improving your website SEO . Your website content quality is major reasons for Google AdSense application Approval/disapproval rate . If your website serves copied content then's there would be no chance for geeting AdSense application accepted for first phase only .If you are really serious about your Google AdSense then remove every single paragraph (more then 10 words ) / Copied post etc from your blog / website before applying to AdSense .


Good Adsense love's quality and unique content

Content is not only a factor that responsible for Google AdSense application approval / disapproval . One of the primary reason due to which most of the Google AdSense application would be rejected is short Article or insufficient content .So get rid of insufficient content before applying for Google AdSense .

What is insufficient Content in Google AdSense ?

Insufficient Content in Google AdSense means , your website have less pages with only handful of words (less then 250 words ) in any page/post with few pic . Even single Article with only few words can be the problem for Google AdSense disapproval So make sure, That you have every articles more then 250+ words (Specially in blogs). Moreover your content must be unique and informative for the internet user and your audience .

Google AdSense have huge appetite for good quality content 

  • You must have useful Content, information-rich content which is useful for your audience .
  • Your article must have at-least 500+ words .
  • You article should be on-topic, should match at-least 60% of your heading and keywords .
  • Get rid of Content(Article / pics) that against Google Addense Policy (See Below Figure 1.a).

Adsense Content guideline
Figure 1.a


Google AdSense support limited language

Google AdSense support publisher in 35 langues as shown in Figure 1.b . Avoid using dummy or zombies Language etc which does not means anything for example " Sdkdasj ajsgduu ydiaia " etc .If your website /blog is a Non English website / blog then place a Google translator . In my view every blog or website should have a Google translator .

Google AdSense support limited language
Figure 1.b

Google AdSense Like Clean domain name and website

Google believe in genuine advertisement for there advertiser that's why in past few year , Google had worked a lot and come up with new AdSense approval terms .if you own's either low level domain name or top-level domain name you not need to worry about your domain name , but the quality of website content must be unique, does not infringe any one copyright and most important your website/blog must be rich in informative content for audience .

Top-level Domain : If you own a Top- level domain then your Google AdSense application might get approve faster depending upon your content ,Website traffics etc

Sub-level domain : Google Appreciate original and unique Content , So if your website / blog have original and unique sufficient content written by you or your team then most likely you website or Google AdSense get approved without top level domain . For Google AdSense application approval, Quality content, Organic traffic matter more then having top-level domain

Google AdSense for some Asian country is bit tough these day , publisher with low level domain should have alteast 6 month old website / Blog ,However we have seen few exception where Google AdSense approves asian low-level domain holder publisher application before 3 months , depending upon Traffics ,content etc


Organic Traffic is key factor toward AdSesne application approval

Traffic is one of the key factor in Google AdSense , If your website / blog gets ample amount of organic traffic ,then this will be plus point in Google AdSense application , more likely to get your Google AdSense application approved . [Organic Traffic : Visitor coming to your website via search engine like Google , yahoo, bing etc ].You must have at-least 50+ unique visitor form search engine daily .Avoid using auto surf website , hits counter software etc because these type of traffic create huge bounce rate which is not Google for your Google AdSense application .


AdSense like Popular website. Good Alexa rank means popularity

If you really want to get your Google AdSense approval then improve your alexa ranking . high alexa rank is not good for Google AdSense point of view ,High alexa rank means low traffic to a website of blog which is not good for either advertiser and Publisher . \ In Simple Words, Improve your website traffic to improve so that your website get's quality of audience. so, start working on your website / blog Alexa rank rather i would say improve your website traffic by writing some unique informative content for your website /blog .We would recommend you to improve your website / blog Alexa ranking before applying for Google AdSense application


Google Pagerank

In one words Google Pagerank speaks about your website Seo health . Higher the page rank your website have, better will be the chance of getting your website in top pages of search engine and hence more traffic to your website/blog .his is the main reason why Google Pagerank is important as alexa ranking .Work on your website /blog Google page-rank before applying to Google AdSense application. You should have at least page rank of 1 before applying for AdSense this will boost your Google AdSense approval rate .


Clean website Design&layout helps Adsense approval 

Improve your website / blog design and give your website a professional look by adding social network sharing buttons , professional themes etc .A good website must have below four points.

  • Four points to make your website or blog professional
  • You must have Professional theme or theme other then default theme .
  • Your website Must have Contact us page , About us page , Feed
  • Your every content which is publicly accessible, must be easy to navigate from homepage for your website or blog .
  • Avoid Interstitial windows like sharing like button ,surveying , etcs


Google AdSense take Copyright Infringe seriously 

Avoid using any images , videos , photos ,wallpapers ,mp3 software that infringe Copyright of there owners. However you can use any image which is having creative common license or free to share like you-tube videos , etcs .



Last but not the least factor that play important role in Google AdSense application is the information that you have used to get your Google email id must match with the information with the Google AdSense application like Name , last name ,Address , Pin no etcs. So , make sure to use email id with genuine details for signing up Google AdSense
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How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers .

How to Protect facebook account from getting hacked

Protect Facebook account

Facebook SecurityGet rid of clicking short urls when using Facebook .

Do you  know,  Short links is the one of the most used url by hackers to hide there phishing urls . These short url converts large url into short urls which may contain phishing links ,So always be defensive against short url whenever you see / receive through Facebook chat , timeline,Shared by friends etc . I am not saying that all the short url are phishing url but these short url could be used by hackers . Even don't click on short url links shared by  your best friends ,your family etc for security reasons . 

If you are more curious about short links shared by your friends and you have strong desire to see what your friends shared with you via short urls , Then try investigating about that short url before clicking on it. These are some points that can help you in investigating short url .

  1. Confirm  your friends / family member about sharing short url via Facebook by asking him offline . Why ? Its not necessary that your friend or family member is the one who is Sharing short url with you . there are Chance where your friends /family account was used by his/her friends or even by hackers .
  2. Use Short url to convert it to long url, to see what short url is all about .

Facebook SecurityDo not share your Facebook password with anyone.

Around 48% user share there Facebook login credential ( Fb Emails and Password )with there Friends / family members etc .Do you know ,this is the one of the biggest issues all over the Facebook due to which many Facebook users beings backstabed by friends by mistake or knowingly due to various reason . By providing  login credential to your your friends allows him to access your Facebook account ,he can easily change your Facebook passwords ,primary emails ,phone no etcs by which you can reclaim your Facebook accounts . Facebook can't do anything once your login password like primary emails ,main email , phone numbers has changed .

Facebook SecurityFacebook fake Phishing email messages .

Facebook user are most likely to  fall prey to phishing emails messages . Why ? because Some users are not aware of phishing emails messages or some time knows as Scam emails . In simple Words , Facebook Phishing email messages are fake email message you received from hackers . Its seems that the email you received  by Facebook.com but actually its not ,The link would be containing hidden links .

How to spot message received from Facebook is scam or phishing email messages .

  • Its too simple ,Open email id you want to check , just click on reply message button  , and you will be able to see the real senders email id (how to find out scam emails )

Facebook SecurityEnable safe Facebook browsing .

Update your Antivirus , you can also enable your safe browsing using your Facebook security setting . you can manually enable Facebook safe browsing by using Facebook as https://www.facebook.com instead of http://www.facebook.com . This will make your browsing facebook safe and secured . How ? " https:// " does not allow dangerous scripts from running on your computer and provide safe browsing .

How to make Facebook browsing more safe

  • Use safe browsing features offered by some browsers . 
  • Always keep your antivirus updated .

Facebook SecurityDisable automatic Facebook password save in browser .

Always disable Automatic Facebook login prompt or save password prompt by browser , in case you forgot to do so then , clear your browsing data , history , saved password,cookies in browser .

How to secure your Facebook account while using public Computer

  • Make sure to clear your Browsing history ,Saved passwords ,Cookies, Browsing data when using cafe computer and public computers etc . 
  • Make sure to log out completely before leaving your computer , once you log out of Facebook , reopen Facebook.com to confirm whether you logout Facebook successfully or not .

Facebook SecurityDo not Accept unknown friend request

Nowadays , Facebook is the one of the coolest source of building friendships without bothering about line of controls above all country boundaries we can send friends request to people of other country .This is the one of the reason why Facebook became famous just in few year , but Now Facebook is not only popular as peoples social networking site but also popular among hackers(technical and non technical hackers) who randomly send Friends request for the sake of gaining personal information etc.

Facebook SecuritySecure your Facebook Account to reclaim your Facebook accounts

Make sure to add your phone number and verify using Facebook . this will help you to retrieve your Facebook account via your phone verification method however you should also Download copy of your Facebook data as backup in regular interval of time and avoid lossing of your facebook data , in case your facebook account got hacked and deleted then this facebook backup will help you to revive your facebook account like facebook friends ,page,groups ,likes etc ,Enable secure browsing via Facebook., enable login notification .

Facebook SecurityReview Apps before authorizing .

Do you know apps in Facebook are not owned by Facebook they are owned by the third party . So make sure to review any thirds party (not owned by Facebook) apps they may be used for hacking purposes , one more thing while authorising apps make sure they don't have write ability . Recently some famous apps on Facebook was used for hacking to .
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