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How to Delete Recent Documents In Microsoft Excel 2007

How to Clear Recent Documents In Microsoft Excel 2007

Clear Recent Documents In Microsoft Excel 2007
Every time we open or save Excel Document in Microsoft Excel 2007 , Recent Documents List is Created , so that a user can quick access recently opened or most used Microsoft Excel 2007 Document using these Recent Documents List , These documents list are also Know as Microsoft Excel 2007 history . Although these Recent documents list are necessary for quick access recently opened documents but sometime There comes a situation where you don't want other people to Track your open excel documents list and you need to Clear Recent Documents list in Microsoft Excel 2007 for Privacy sake , In this Article , we will show you how do you clear recent documents in Microsoft Excel 2007 with easy Step to Step Guides

Steps to Clear Recent Documents In Microsoft Excel 2007

Step 1 : Open  Microsoft Excel 2007 . For Classic Start Menu : Go to start , Programs , Microsoft Office and then Microsoft Excel 2007 . For Start Menu : Go to Start , All programs ,Microsoft Office , Microsoft Excel 2007 .

Step 2 : Click On Office button .

Step 3 : Under Office button window , Now click on Excel options .

Step 4 : Under Excel options , Click on Advanced .

Step 5 : Under Excel options ,Advanced  Scroll down to  Display labels .

Step 6: Now under Display label , Set Show this number of recent documents list to 0 and click ok , when you set  this number of recent documents list to 0 all of the Recent documents list will be erased .Also Since we have Set  this number of recent documents list to 0 that means , Recent documents History will be disable ,To Re enable Recent documents History , Again Go to Office button , Then Excel options , Advanced ,Display and set Show this number of recent documents list to 10 ( Instead of 0 set Non zero digit , The number of Recent document you wanna see in recent documents list )

Watch on Youtube  " How Do i  Delete Recent Documents In Microsoft Excel 2007 "

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Top 10 Best Paying Advertising Networks .

Top 10 Best Paying Ads Network

Here are the list of top 10 paying adverting network 

#10 Adtegrity


Adtegrity Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Adtegrity ad fromatCPM, CPC ,CPA
Adtegrity ad network typeVideo, Display, Rich Media 
Minimum traffic required for Adtegrity1,000,000 impressions monthly
Website Design required for AdtegrityProfessional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for AdtegrityRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for AdtegrityFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic as primary source ,unique content 
Adtegrity Minimum Payout / Paying mode$50 through Paypal / Check
Percentage of publisher share Na

#9 AdPepper


 AdPepper Publishers Website/blog Requirements

AdPepper ad fromatCPM, CPC, CPL, CPA
AdPepper ad network typeVideo, Display, Rich Media, Text
Minimum traffic required for AdPepper50,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for AdPepperProfessional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for AdPepperRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for AdPepperFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic,unique content 
AdPepper Minimum Payout / Paying mode$50 through paypal / Check / Wiretransfer
AdPepper percentage of publisher shareNA

#8 CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive Publishers Website/blog Requirements

CPX Interactive ad fromatCPM, CPC 
CPX Interactive ad network typeVideo, Display, Rich Media 
Minimum traffic required for CPX Interactive30,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for CPX InteractiveProfessional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for CPX InteractiveRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for CPX InteractiveFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic as primary source,unique content  
CPX Interactive Minimum Payout/ / Paying mode$100 through paypal / Check
Available Inventory for monetizationDesktop,Mobile Web,Mobile App,Tablet

#7 Casale Media

Casale Media

Casale Media Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Casale Media  ad fromatCPM, CPC
Casale Media  ad network typeDisplay, Rich Media ,Text
Minimum traffic required for Casale Media  50,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for Casale Media Professional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for Casale Media Required top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for Casale Media Family Safe content must be in English or French language  Traffic must be organic, unique content 
Casale Media  minimum Payout /  / Paying option$50 through paypal / Check
Casale Media  Percentage of publisher shareNA

#6 Burst Media

Burst Media

Burst Media Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Burst Media ad fromatCPM, CPC, CPA
Burst Media ad network typeVideo, Display, Rich Media 
Minimum traffic required for Burst Media30,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for Burst MediaProfessional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for Burst MediaRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code) must not be hosted on free providers
Type of website content required for Burst MediaFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic .Must be in English. Non English content website/blog is not accepted ,unique content 
Burst Media Minimum Payout /  / Paying option$50 through Paypal / Check/ Electronic Fund transfer
Percentage of publisher share NA

#5 Value Click media

Value Click media

Value Click media Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Value Click media ad fromatCPM, CPC,PPC
Value Click media ad network typeDisplay, Rich Media, Text
Minimum traffic required for Value Click media30,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for Value Click mediaProfessional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for Value Click mediaRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for Value Click mediaFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic,unique content 
Minimum Payout Value Click media / Paying option$25 through Paypal / Check / Direct Deposit
Value Click media percentage of publisher share NA

#4 Technorati Media

Technorati Media

Technorati Media Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Technorati Media ad fromatCPM
Technorati Media ad network typeVideo, Display, Rich Media 
Minimum traffic required for Technorati Media10,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for Technorati MediaProfessional &clean website/blog design
Type domain required for Technorati MediaRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for Technorati MediaFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic .Must be in English,unique content 
Technorati Media Minimum Payout / Paying option$50 through paypal / Check
Technorati Media Percentage of publisher shareNA

#3 Advertising.com


Advertising.com Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Advertising ad fromatCPM
Advertising ad network type Display, Rich Media,Dynamic Ads,Mobile ads
Minimum traffic required for Advertising50,000 unique quality visitor per month , Must possess good amount of Us traffic  
Website Design required for AdvertisingProfessional&clean website/blog design
Type domain required for AdvertisingRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for AdvertisingFamily Safe,website/blog having organic traffic ,unique content 
Advertising Minimum Payout / Paying option$50 through paypal / Check ? Wiretranser
Advertising percentage of publisher shareNA

#2 Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Tribal Fusion ad fromatCPM
Tribal Fusion ad network typeDisplay, Rich Media, Text
Minimum traffic required for Tribal Fusion500,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for Tribal FusionProfessional and attractive web design
Type domain required for Tribal FusionRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for Tribal FusionFamily Safe, Website/blog having organic traffic ,unique content 
Tribal Fusion Minimum Payout / Paying option$50 through paypal / Check
Tribal Fusion Percentage of publisher shareNA

#1 Google AdSense

Google AdSense Publishers Website/blog Requirements

Google AdSense ad fromatCPM, CPC,INTRACTIVE CPM, CPE
Google AdSense ad network type Video, Display, Rich Media ,Text, Text Link,Mobile ads
Minimum traffic required for Google AdSense10,000 unique quality visitor per month
Website Design required for Google AdSenseProfessional&clean website/blog design with quality unique content 
Type domain required for Google AdSenseRequired top level domain name (Get it huge discount on top level domain name with our godaddy coupon code)
Type of website content required for Google AdSenseFamily Safe
Google AdSense Minimum Payout / Paying option$100 through Wiretransfer
Google AdSense Percentage of publisher shareNA

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How to Delete System Restore Points in windows xp

How to delete old Restore Points in Window Xp 

Delete Restore point
Window generates System restore point to allows window user to recover there Damaged window by applying last good know system restore points . Although these restore points are very important for window health and also helps to recover accidental deleted Small files from drives  but as  installed window operating systems ages grows  More and more System restore point  will be generated , Since  Restore points number increase with time and Changes made to system that's why these System restore point  covers large disk space and  which results in  large dump Hard disk space , which no longer available generating big restore points , these System restore point do not use usable hard disk space to keep there restore points instead they uses Reserved hard disk space for System restore point . depending your reserved space for restore points , not only hard disk space is wasted but also these restore points gets damages sometime due to which you would be no longer recover your window to working restore points . So it's necessary to delete System restore point in regular interval of time .

Steps to remove all old restore points in windows xp

( Make sure you log in to window as Administration )

Step 1 : Open my coumputer

Go to My Computer ,Then Double Click on it to open My Computer  , It Contains all the Drives and Hardware related to storage . 

Step 2 :Select all hard disk drive

Now Under My computer , You will see  hard disk partition as drives like Local Disk (C:) ,Local Disk (D:) ,Local Disk (E:) etc . Select all Hard disk " Drive's"  with Mouse .

Step 3 :  Right click to open drive properties

Right Click on selected drive and click on Properties  to open common Drive Properties . 

Step 4 : Search Disk Clean up option

In Drives Properties window you will see the all selected drives with option to Disk clean up ( Deleting old restore points ) click on Disk clean up  .

Step 5 : Click Disk Clean up

When you click on Disk clean up , A new Small window will start to calculate amount of  harddisk space  you can free up without any harm . 

Step 6 : Search Disk clean up under System restore and click

Once its Does all calculating , a new small window will be open as Disk Clean up For ( C:) .  A window Disk Clean up For ( C:) contains two tabs : 1)  Disk Cleanup  2 ) More option .Click on More Option , under label System restore click on Clean up .

Step 7 : Click Yes

To ensure that you clicked right option to clean system restore point . Small window prompt will be generated by window asking you "Are you sure you want to delete all but the most restore point " . Click on Yes . If your  Reserved space for restore points will full then its might takes time , during that time do not open or close any program and close all program .

Watch on youtube " How do you  delete old Restore Points in Window Xp "

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How to Protect Social network Account From Hacker .

How to protect social network account       

protect social network account
Social networking site like  Popularity among People are growing like Rockets speed , Also involvement of hacker in Social networking  site also grown up because social networking site is a hub  people and peoples information , Social networking site is like weak door for those people who shows some laziness regarding   Social networking website usages and  their profile  security , Giving hackers open invitation to steal there account information .A little awareness and security tips about  social networking account can helps you to keep hacker away . In this Article we will help you to defend your Social networking account against hacker by blocking his/her access key to your account .

Best Ways to Improve Your Social Networking Safety

Use Complex Passwords then simple passwords .

Passwords are the first and last wall that keeps hacker away to log in your account . Without log in credentials its very hard for a hacker to access your account and change your Social networking Account recovery option , login credentials etc , the method to recover your social networking account  etc . A small Length passwords or even common passwords can be easy hacked .In case your account gets hacked then Hacker may use its for his own purposes although  you can recover your hacked account  back via Account Recovery options and verification process of social networking but what about the damage is done to your social networking accounts . that's why you must keep Strong password for your social networking site and Keep him away to access your account . ( Create Strong and Secured Password )

Avoid Login to social networking site by clicking suspicious links .

Some of the hacker uses Phishing url to access login passwords and information . Phishing url are generally embedded on website , forum ,blogs etc which contains Redirecting script which actually stores information which you type by going through Phishing url . That's why you should always log in to your social networking account by typing full Social networking website in your browser instead of visiting login section through any blog , website and forums etc .

Change your social networking account password regularly .

Although you have a complex password for your social networking account but some time even these complex password is of no use , when some one see you typing your passwords , Sounds funny ? Kind  of   ! Some stats shows that Some people even didn't notice that there account got hacked and hacker use that hacked account without knowledge of yours  . That's  why it is  recommend to change  your  social network account password on regular time interval .

Clear browsing data when you  leave pc .

We all do use social networking site from different public computer as well as non public Pc , these Public Computer are  easy targets of hacker because from public computer a hacker can easily gather information of victims account  through accidental Saved  passwords in browser , To avoid accidental saved password you must clear you browsing data of browser you used in public as wells as non public computer and make sure you revisit you logged in site  to ensure that  your password and email id is not saved at all and not appearing on opening social networking login page . ( Clear browsing data in Chrome )

Avoid Sharing your password with your Friends .

Most of the teenager do share there Social networking sites account with each other for fun sake , But sometime this fun cost you by losing your Social networking account , not because your friends  would hack your social networking account or changed its passwords , Way of using other's people account is different for different people , he/she might accidental disclose your account with other friends etc. one more reason  to avoid sharing Social networking site password is simple ,Suppose your account got hacked by some hacker then you would be blaming your friends for cause due to which your friendship will be in danger .

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How to Create Strong and Secure Password.

How to Create Strong password 

Password is the key factor that protect your computer, email id , documents and online bank account etc from unauthorized access . A Person who knows password can only access password protected systems like email id , Password protected documents ,bank accounts etc. However there are some hardware and software combination used by hacker to crack weak or unsafe password ( Success rate of cracking password depends upon password strength ) .Although its hard to crack any password via software and hardware machines , but its is possible to crack weak password  that's why while creating any email id , online bank login etc you are asked to create Strengthen password .In this Article we will help you to increase password strength and its protection against Hacker by creating strong password and blocking there access points to your password .

Tips to Increase Password Security and  Password Protection against hacker

Avoid Short length passwords  .

People use's short length passwords so that they may remember there password easily . This could proves to be a Closed door with key for a hacker , Since short length password may be easily cracked because probability of cracking these password is very less and can be cracked via Hacking Machine  that's why all reputed  Social networking sites and email service provider ask there user to enter more then a fixed digit to ensure best Password protection .

Create Long Length Passwords .

Long length passwords are best for password protection because these long passwords are not easily hackable via pro hacking tools provided they contains unique Digits without any Repetition. Actually Probability of hacking long passwords depends upon there  total length of passwords , More length of passwords means more time it require to hack any passwords that's why you should create minimum of 10 to 14 characters length passwords more then minimum passwords characters length are way to good for protection against hacker .

Avoid Common password 

People like's to create such password which could be easily remembered by them , So most of them do create common password  like  mobile number , Name ,Nick name and even  Pet name , these type of passwords contains series of common words like all alphabet character ,  all Numerical character etc due to which these passwords can be easily hacked , Even hacking account with common passwords does not require any skills even Non technical hacker can hack it , that's why you must stay away from using these common passwords .

Create Complex passwords

Complex passwords are best for account protection ,Complex passwords are not easily hackable and probability of hacking these complex passwords are too high almost impossible , A complex password is the combination of prime numbers , alphabetic , Numbers and special characters with  minimum of 10 to 14 characters length . A proper combination of complex passwords improves your account protection to 99% .

Change your password regularly 

After using same password for long time , you must change your password to keep your login credential safe from unauthorized access there are 60% chances that we disclose our password by mistake while login  from public computer , login in front of others etc.

Clear accidentally saved  password from browser

Browser offers to save password fro quick login to email id's although you didn't save password in browser but sometimes by mistakes these passwords gets saved , which can be accessed by others , so make sure to clear browser saved passwords and coolies while using Public as well as personal computers  
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How to Increase Adsense Revenue ?

How to Increase Adsense Revenue 

How to Increase Adsense RevenueAccording our latest Studies made by our Shouting blogger team , We have found many publisher who are really making out  3-4 Digit  earning by from there website or blog all though they don't even  gets much traffic ( 30K to 50 K Pageviews , 10K to 15K unique visitor  ) , Actually earning money from Adsence Depends on Cpc rate , Cpm rate and Adsence impression moreover more traffic Boost your Adsence revenue like Rocket . By Keeping Few important Points related to Adsence  , you can improve your Adsence revenue as never before upto 2 digits - 3 digits  a day (you need Atleast 30K to 50 K Pageviews , 10K to 15K unique visitor   ( Organic Visitors) ) .

There are many factor which counts toward your Adsence earning performance  .

Optimize your website Robots.Txt to grant access to Google adsence crawler

Google adsence crawler bot need to crawl your website to ensure relevant ads for your website or blog post . Relevant ads play important role in boosting adsence revenue .Since if you website is showing relevant ads based on your  website keywords then there  would be 90%  chances that a visitor go through your ads or notice ads on your website/blog  ,where as if you Google Adsence ads are not relevant to you website then  there will be 0.10% chances of being unnoticed by the visitor . So make sure your allow Google adsence crawler bot access in your website via Robots.txt

Add AdSense for Search for your vistor

Visitor do search website  to find out best content they are looking at within your website , which not only boost your website Pageviews but also you can earn handsome ammount of money from these Adsence enabled , Only you need to generate Adsence enabled  search engine form your adsence account , grab code and embed in your website/blog . Whenever any visitor search through your adsence search engine , along with traffic , Your Adsence enabled  search engine will generate revenue by showing Adsence ads on search .

Add AdSense for Feeds

Adsence  for feeds are best way to monetize your feed with ads , This type of monetizing feed generates handsome amount of revenue for those who already have 10000+ Feed readers , with every Content update you made to you website , youe adsence for feed reaches to all of your Feed readers , giving your Adsence  Feed lots of impression due to which your overall Adsence  income improves a lot . But do not use Adsence for feed with low feed reader ,no doubt it will also improves your Adsence  revenue but you wont be getting enough revenue with less subscriber ( 500 )  . you can enable your Adsence feed from your Adsence  account but make sure you enabled full feed for your website .

Choose best ads Size for maximum Ctr

Its damn simple Adsence trick to boost your Adsense earning , Bigger ads size will improve ads visibility to your website audience which means more  Google Adsence  CTR rate ,As compared to Small ads unit these bigger ads unit perform well since bigger ads unit Cpc and Cpm rate are high . Although these Bigger ads unit are being easily noticeable for visitor but these Bigger ads unit are of no use if  irrelevant adsense ads appears to your website. So make sure to optimize your Google Adsence  Crawler access and website/blog  to serve relevant Adsence  ads .

Choose best ads  Color for maximum Ctr

Google Adsence  Color play important part depending upon your website theme , while making ads unit for your website make sure there color matches with  website theme . Actually ads color does not change ads cpc and cpm rate , by adding color that matches website/blog color would improve your Adsence  CTR Rate .Do a bit of experimenting  with your ads unit color and font and analysis for best Adsence   revenue generating ad unit color . While creating adsence text unit make sure your ads background does not make Text ads hazy and blur , this will reduce Ctr rate and also there will be chance for your Adsence  account to be Disabled for going against Adsence  terms and Conditions . So, Choose such color which make ads text link completely visible .

Choose Best types of ads for maximum Ctr

Success rate ads performance  are different for different types of, Some ads type generates high ctr rate while generates high Cpc rate . According to our studies , Text ads link unit generate more ctr but less Cpc rate while some other ads unit like image .flash  generate more Revenue cpc and cpm then text unit with low ctr rate .
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How to Increase Google Adsense CPM Revenue .

How to Increase Google Adsense CPM Revenue

Increase Google Adsense CPM Revenue

What is Cpm ?

Cpm is known as Cost per thousand impression of ad unit . If any Advertiser buy  Cpm ads then he might have to pay money for every thousand impression no matter its unique impression or raw impression while  publisher who shows these Ads on there website get paid for per thousands impression for particular ad unit. Although  Cpm ads generate more revenue if your website receive huge page views as compared to unique visit but its impossible to create CPM ads unit with your adsence account , To ensure best advertisement experience for there customer they mix  Cpm with Cpc ads for every ads unit you create with Adsence . Since there is no way to create particular ads unit with only Cpc ads and Cpm ads , therefore only way to improve Cpm revenue is to optimize your ads unit for best performance . There are various factor that could help you to boost your Cpm ads revenue .

Steps To Increase Your Google Adsense CPM Income 

 Increase Google Adsense Cpm Revenue - Best Performing  Ads unit for cpm .

We all know large ads unit covers up large space of your website but using large ads unit in our website you can improve your Adsence revenue as compared to small ads unit . According to Advertiser Bid rates for Cpm , Cpm bid rate for large ads unit is much more higher then those Small Ads units , which means higher bid rate means higher revenue share .

Improve Google Adsense Cpm Revenue - Best Performing Ad formats for cpm .

Larger Ads size with generate more and more for your Adsence  revenue no matter its Cpm ads or Cpc ads  that means  large Ads unit  have large Cpc bid rate as well as large Cpm bid rate . Cpm ads  generate more revenue for some ads type like Image ads ,Flash ads ,Rich media etc.  Although large Cpm ads  unit generate more revenue , but due to large ads design , loading time of large  ads unit is high as compared to other small unit due to which visitor coming form low speed internet with not able to see ads and you won't be getting any impression that's why you must improve your website loading time .Experiment by placing Different ads format in you website and analyse best performing ads format for you website or blog .

 Increase Google Adsense Cpm Revenue -  Best performing ads type for cpm  .

Cpm basically is meant for those advertiser ,who want to promote there brand and to make awareness about there brand .So obviously Rich media ads are best option to generate brand Awareness which means more and more Cpm advertiser who choose Rich media ads for there Cpm Advertisement , that's why to improve more money from Cpm , You may create Rich media ads instead of other ads types ( Best for Cpm Ads revenue but do not perform well for Cpc ads revenue  as compared to other type because more Cpm adevertiser are involved in Rich media ads  ) .

 Increase Google Adsense Cpm Revenue - Best Performing Ad formats for cpm . 

Ad Placement is considered to be a key factor for improving Adsence revenue for both Cpc as well as Cpm ads , Ads unit with Rich media ads type do generate more revenue but problem with Rich media ads is in with there loading time , Although Rich media ads generate highest Cpm revenue but due to its Large loading time , you loses ads impression leaving behind low Ctr rate . Actually  main reason for advertiser to choose Rich media Ads  as compared to other unit  is due to large loading of Rich media Ads ,due to which Advertiser gets Quality impression ( Value for there money  )  .That's why to generate more Cpm revenue from adsence , you have to choose best place of your website which do loads in less time . In most of the website / blog website head ( Top ) loads up in less time due to which ads placed in top of your website will receive impression even with visitor with high bounce rate and improves your Cpm income  
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What is Sitemap and robots.Txt and it's Seo Importance.

What is Sitemap and robots.Txt

What is  Sitemap ?

What is Sitemap and robots.Txt
A sitemap  is a collection of List of pages of a website , Its allow  search engine to inform about any changes or updates made to website like latest post , updates and modification made on website etc . In search engine  point of view , a website /blog which does not have sitemap will hardly gets traffic from Search engines  since  search engine crawler bot will not able to get informed when any changes made to your website or blog  , Although you have Seo friendly website , submitted your website to search engines and even pinged your website or blog for search engine for  indexing then also your website content will not be indexed . only the page your pinged and your Top level or sub-domain level Url will be indexed by search engine . In simple words no sitemap means no search engine crawling for your website and almost 0.1% organic traffic to your website / blog . So to increase organic traffic of your website or blog , your website or blog must have Sitemap with Seo Friendly robots.txt .

What is  Robots.Txt ?

In Simple language , Robots.txt is like a website door for the Search engine Crawler bot  , By Controlling Robots.Txt of a website , a Web owner can Control the access of Search engine crawler bot and helps to you to control which website pages and post of the website is to be indexed by the particular Search engine . 

 Importance of sitemap and robots.txt in Improving Website traffic

What is the use of Sitemap and Robots.Txt

Almost 87% of new website owner , blog owner and Forum owner hardly understand the importance of sitemap , robots.txt  and submitting Sitemap to Search engine . In simple non technical words  a Sitemap is like a Index page of book for  Search engine bot for quick accessing a particular blog and website . A good Sitemap contains only  valid link and does not contains any invalid links and deleted links . Where as a Seo friendly Robot.txt is like a door which Allow and disallow Search engine crawler bot access to your website by modifying your Robots.Txt , You can control Search engine Crawler bot access to your website and also you can restrict Search engine Crawler  bot to index any particular  page , image , post and Even whole website .

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Top 10 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords.

Top Ten  Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords of all time

 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords
There are some specific keyword for adsence which do pay highest Cpc rate because of Advertisement competition , bid rate and Auctions bid . Although these highest paying Google AdSense Keywords pay highest Cpc rate as compared to all other Google adsence keywords that doesn't mean all ads which fits on same Keywords will Generate High Cpc rate . Its all about Advertiser investment and there Bid rate for particular keywords , Sometime even a keywords which pay low cpc rate can generate exceptional high cpc rate while sometime a highest paying keyword could not generate even 0.2$ per click . However there are some specific keyword in Google adsence which do generate some outstanding cpc rate which may range from 0.30 cent to 25$ Cpc + depending upon there advertiser investment ,Bid rate and Cpc rate .

You might we wondering why any advertiser pay's high Cpc rate for advertisement . Answer is Bit complected as there are lots of factor that decides advertisement Cpc rate . In simple words ,some factor that force advertiser to increase there Cpc rate are - Demands, Advertising competition , Bid rate , Keywords advertisement rate with high bid rate that Generate high Revenue by the advertiser , when any customer Directly opt in to there service or buy costly product online

List of  Top 10 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords

Almost every Google adsence publisher want high revenue share from there Ad space and cost per click ads. There are few keywords that boost and improves your adsence earning . Before Going through our  Highest Paying AdSense Keywords list  , let us clear that Its not that you always get highest money for every Click for CPC , Its depends on the CPC bid rate .However these keyword do generate highest Cpc as compare to all other Keywords . 

10) Hosting and domains

Popular highest paying Google AdSense keyword  Related to Hosting and domains best web hosting reseller ,best web hosting review ,best web hosting deals,best web hosting for mac, low cost web hosting ,low cost Vps hosting , Best webhosting ,Free webhosting ,free doamins,low cost domain , best hosting plans ,best costly hosting plans which do generate 0.25 cent to 6.00 $ Cpc rate .

9) Compensation 

Popular highest paying Google AdSense keyword  Related to Compensation  are  Personal injury compensation ,compensation for wrongful termination ,compensation for personal injury,compensation for breach of contract,compensation lawyers,compensation lawyers no win no pay,compensation lawyers no win no fee,low cost compensation lawyers ,hire low cost compensation lawyers etc . which do generate 0.25 cent to 25.00 $ Cpc rate .

8) Structured settlement companies 

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7) Loan  

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6) Car donate 

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5) Claim 

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4) Gas/Electricity 

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3) Auto Insurance

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2) Insurance

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1) Car Insurance

Popular highest paying Google AdSense keyword  to Car insurance that Generate high paying Cpc are Car insurance quotes ,Car insurance companies , Car insurance quotes , Cheap car insurance ,Car Insurance claim ,Car insurance quotes list , list of Cheap car insurance companies , Car insurance frauds etc Usually a publisher whose article related to Car Insurance keywords do generate Cpc rate from 0.48 cent to 56.00 $ .

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How to Restore Desktop Icons in Windows Xp .

How to Restore Desktop Icons in Windows Xp 

 Restore Desktop Icons in Windows Xp
Desktop contains some important icons like My Document ,My computer , My documents , My network Places , Internet explorer icons by These Icons are Created when your install a fresh new window by default to quick access your Drives ,Documents . Sometime these Icons are deleted due to various Source like due to Virus , Accidental deletion of these icon . Due to which its damn hard for new computer user , kids  to access Drive and Documents fast from Computer desktop , Even your desktop looks Odd without these Special Icons ( My Document ,My computer , My documents , My network Places , Internet explorer ) .In case you have deleted default desktop icon like My Document icon ,My computer icon , My documents  icon, My network Places icon , Internet explorer icon from your computer desktop  then also you can restore you default icon and get it back . In this Article we are going to explain How you can restore desktop icons in windows xp - Like My Document ,My computer , My documents , My network Places , Internet explorer icons with easy .

Steps to Restore Desktop Icons in Windows Xp

Step 1 : Close all Programs and Go to Desktop  by Right clicking on toolbar and click on show desktop .Open Display Properties . To Open  Display  Properties Window ,  Right click anywhere on blank area ( Free from desktop icons ) of desktop and click   properties . ( Refer Figure 1.1 )

how to restore default desktop icons

Step 2 : Under Display Properties window , You will see various tabs like , Themes ,Desktop , Screen Saver , Appearance and settings as show in Figure 1.2 . Out of those Tab , Click on Desktop tab .( Refer Figure 1. 2 )
how to restore default desktop icons

Step 3 :Under Desktop tab in Display Properties window , Click on Customize Desktop ( Refer Figure 1.3 )

restore default desktop icons

Step 4 : On clicking Customize Desktop , Desktop items window will open . Under Desktop items window Check the icons you want to see on desktop and click on apply . 

restore default desktop settings

Step 5 : If you don't know much about computer then just click on Restore default and click ok , also make sure to click Apply in   restore all the Default desktop icons back to desktop as it was after formatting your Pc .

how to restore default desktop icons settings

What on youtube  How to Restore Default Desktop Icons windows xp 

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How to Reduce Computer Fan Speed Safely .

Reduce computer fan speed without harming Computer

Reduce computer fan speed without harming Computer
Every computer and laptops comes with in build three fans , these fans are used to keep your computer  central processing unit ( CPU )  fan by operating in various Speed as per computer's central processing speed ( CPU ) Temperature . .Some time your computer Fans Speed up to max speed  after using it for long periods of time for few minutes only then its normal process . When you run computer for long time Obviously you computer gets heats up and then  your fans  runs to keep your computer's depending upon your computer's central processing unit ( CPU ) Temperature . However if your computer Fan does run to max speed  randomly and more often ( Example : while running pc for short duration of time ) or when your cpu fan always on high , Making annoying sound , This article is basically about Reducing Fan speed of your computer without harming your computer central processing unit ( CPU ) safety .

Is it safe to turn off the CPU fan of my computer and Laptop ?

Absolutely No ! Computer Fan is the important  part of your computer which was embed in three Sensitive areas of Cpu in order to  keep your computer cool and avoid damaging of your Cpu parts like motherboard , processor , ram , video cards since all the CPU parts are made up of various small electronic devices like resistor, capacitor , Inductor, transistor etc which operate at low temperature and bears only Few volts and fixed temperature limits . In case your computer's Cpu temperature exceeds Above these electronics devices temperature limitation then these electronic device may get damage due to which your computer's CPU  parts like motherboard ,Ram ,Cpu may get damaged . 

Ways to Keep Yours Fan speed low .

How to reduce computer Fan speed - Software Fix 

If your computer  Cpu fan won't slow down and  running fast and loud to full speed  for long time while playing  game or while running heavy software then you computer needs a bit maintenance . You can fix your Computer's  central processing unit ( CPU ) fan speed by hunting Down all problematic areas of your Computer that cause's Loud fan speed .

Use fan control software to control 

Install Fan Controlling Software that can help's you to control your fan speed . There are various Fan Controlling  software available for download which can helps you to control your fan speed but most important things While using your Fan Controlling Software is to ensure that you don't just mess-up you Cpu Cooling function .Use Fan Controlling Software with utmost care because it can risk your Computer Cooling system . 

Free your Hard Disk to improve Cpu Speed

Avoid Storing data to your hard disk to its 80 % capacity , A hard disk full of data can overload your  Central processing unit ( CPU ) and Drastically  reduce your processing Speed of you CPU  and reduce your overall computer performance . So make sure to   Remove all unwanted from your hard disk  which are not of use .

Check for Virus In your computer  .

Virus and harmful programs can utilize large part of  your central processing speed , due to which  your computer goes Out of memory  laggy and Unresponsive Windows etc . Resulting in overheating  Central processing unit ( CPU )  due to which your CPU Generates a commands to speed up CPU Fan to reduce overheating . That's  Its necessarily to  Install Antivirus in your computer and hunt down all virus , spyware  and harmful programs  from your computer ( How to Use Antivirus effectively   ) .

Avoid Running Two high end Programs simultaneously .

You might have seen that while running some programs in your computers makes your computer  Laggy and gets unresponsive as soon as your run  Other programs . Avoid Running high end programs simultaneously with other programs because its may cause high Cpu usage due to which your Cpu gets heat up and can trigger your Cpu fan Speed to max .

Avoid Installing Programs that does not full fill Minimum system requirement 

People do install programs like games and software that doesn't even full fill Minimum system requirement ,Although these kind of software runs on computer but they do create overheating as a result  noisy and High fan speed .So If you want to keep your system healthy then avoid installing Software and programs that does't full fill minimum system requirements .

How to reduce computer Fan speed - Hardware Fix 

Keep your Cpu in open area and help cpu to loose its heat 

CPU Placed in closed area like in under table computer rack  without proper ventilation is more likely to heat up becuse cpu will not able to losse its heat to atmospher and due to Closed area , heat genrated by cpu itself added to cpu due to which cpu Overheats and  trigger your computer CPU fan , So you must keep your CPU  in Open Area like  under table computer rack with proper ventilation  or Open area with proper ventilation .

Clean your Computer CPU Fan for proper ventilation.

Computer made up of electronic devices and utilize electricity to work , Due to which static Charge Built up in Cpu attracting small pieces of dust particle . As time passes by , these dust particle deposited in Cpu fan and mountings due to which fan unable to perform cooling to its 100 % due to which your cpu get overheated and Trigger CPu fan Speed . So , its necessary to regularly clean your central processing unit's Fans for  proper ventilation.
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