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What is Google Image Search Engine ?

Google Upcoming New Image Search Design and Image search engine

( As seen by shoutingblogger team )

What's new in Google upcoming image search design ?

Google imageGoogle working on it Modern Image search engine with new image Search Design  to make image search more fast and secured . Ultimate goal to make new Image Search Design by Google is to ensure fast image searching ,  Google is working on its old image search engine to give existing old image search engine and Google image frame design a New look and fast Image Browsing via Google image search . There is only one option that Google find out to make Image search fast and secured is to remove website preview from Google image frame  due to which  image load  fast  , however this Google image project is currently under testing which was accidental or Experimental  got activate on 24/jan/2012 , 12:28 (  GMT 5:30 ) for few minutes . Google is working on its Modern Anti frame killer image search engine , This new Google new image Search design  (Google New  image search engine format ) is like gift to people who like searching  image using Google image  because  Google new image Design  allow people to Search fast and in secure way without loading up whole website as a website preview as it is in old or Existing Google image search design,  whereas it is like curse to webmaster ( Website / blog owner ) because they loses 20 % of traffic they are getting from Google image search . As estimated Wallpapers website owner  will losses all 65% of traffic they are getting from Google image search engine .

About Upcoming new Google new image search engine

New Google image search format does not contain website preview along with frame instead Modern Google image search engine will contain only frame with Small thumbnail with option like 1) : View website  2) View image 3) view Image details

  • View website :This option allow people to visit Website / blog / forum  from which thumbnail is generated .
  • View image :Actually google image search Extract main Url from the indexed website and make it available in Google image search frame .This option allow People to open image thumbnail Url  in its  full size . Allowing to download Image fast
  • View Image details : View image detail  gives information about Images along with related images or similar images in New image search Window

Advantage of Google new image search format .

  • Searching of image is fast in Google new image search  format Because it does not load website instead it loads only image .
  • You can download or open Image directly using Google image thumbnail frame  by clicking on " Open Image file " .
  • You can  load 500+ images at once , Image search will be more accurate as compared to  old verison on Image search engine .
  • You don't have to leave Google image search for opining or downloading any image . 

Disadvantage of Google new image search format .

  • One of the biggest disadvantage of new google's Image search format is that user can only directly download a image of highest dimension .
  • You will not able to see website Preview ( Transparent  website preview ) from which you are downloading , instead you will see a black frame with thumbnail  and few option .

Watch on youtube Google new image search format 

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How to Create invisible folder in Window Xp

How to make invisible folder in xp

How to create an invisible folder in windowsCreating an Invisible folder or file in window xp is too easy by simple using windows Folder option to make folder invisible and using special keys combination of computer keyboard for hiding Folder name, In this Article we are not using window's hide option to make a folder invisible , Actually " folder is visible but invisible " . Folder is visible for Operating system but it is invisible for Windows user . This method is best for hiding and making file invisible because by doing so , no one can find out your File except you, because by using this method we are making folder name invisible too , due to which window search keeps on failing , however there is a drawback in making folder invisible , Arranging icons by name , size or type reveals a blank space or mass selecting folder Directory also Reveals invisible folder , Don't worry there is also a fix for this method , just hide your folder to get rid showing invisible folder blank space .

How to make invisible Folder in Window Xp with Step to step guide with screenshots

Step 1 : Create a folder (New folder) in your desired directory or choose your desired folder from folder Directories to make it invisible .You can also use this trick to make file Invisible (all steps are same for making File invisible). ( Refer Figure 1.a )

how to make folder in xp

Figure 1.a

Step 2 : Lets hide folder name by using Special keyboard keys combination :  ( Watch on youtube how to create folder without name : http://youtu.be/OplzsO0KpVI ) 

  • Right click on a desired folder (Or new Folder ) and click on Rename ( Refer Figure 1.b )
how to rename folder in xp

Figure 1.b

  •   During Renaming of  folder , Press and hold Alt key and enter 0160 as folder name (  Make sure to press and hold Alt key while typing 0160 ) .  ( Refer Figure 1.c )
How to make folder without name

Figure 1.c

Step 3 : Now its time to give a folder a final touch for making it completely invisible,Lets now make folder icon invisible .  ( Watch on youtube how to create folder invisible  : http://youtu.be/3Lga2Nme_jg ) 

  • Right click on Folder , Go to Properties and click on it  . ( Refer Figure 1.d  )

how to see Property of folder in window xp

Figure 1.d

  • Click on Customize tab from the Properties window , under folder icon , click on Change icon .       ( Refer Figure 1.e )
how to customize folder in window xp

Figure 1.e
  • Now , From the list of icons , Select only invisible icon  and click on ok . ( Refer Figure 1.f  )
Invisble icon

Figure 1.f

Watch on Youtube How do you create a invisible folder 

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Ben 10 Omniverse | List of Ben 10 Omniverse aliens with image

Ben 10 Omniverse aliens and characters with images

Ben 10 Omniverse

After record-breaking success of Ben 10: ultimate aliens, Man of action has aired its fourth installment in the Ben10 animated series named as "Ben 10 Omniverse" on cartoon network. Its first episode was first aired on 1/August/2012 to 14/November/2014, in the United States of America.Just after the first episode, It has become one the most popular animated tv series among kids and teenage group. 

What's new in ben10 omniverse?

It got whole new set's of aliens along with the cool features of the Omnitrix. In this omniverse series, Ben 10 with his cousin Gwen and Kevin have joined college. A new character was introduced in this series, Rook, and He is a plumber. To save the world from evil aliens the ben10 teams up with Grandpa Max and Rook.

List of Ben 10 Omniverse characters.

#1 Ben 10 Omniverse main Character: Ben Tennyson
Ben 10 Omniverse main Character :Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson
Ben10 is fun loving teenage kid who likes to tease his cousin and always like being noticed as solo superhero This time in Ben 10 Omniverse Series. You will see Ben 10 with new sets of Aliens and Omnitrix features. Since Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin joined the college that's why, Ben will team up with Grandpa Max and Rook, a new character introduced in the Ben 10 Omniverse series to protect the world from dangerous aliens and villains.
#2 Ben 10 Omniverse Character: Grandpa Max
Ben 10 Omniverse Character: Grandpa Max
 Max Tennyson
Max Tennyson is a Semi retired old plumber who Fights with evil alien along with Ben 10 and Rook. He is well known by name as Grand Pa max by their favorite kids (Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin Rook ), Grandpa was one of the finest Plumber when he was young. Although grandpa max crossed 60, He still can beats alien with his amazing combat skills, incredible tactical expertise, and experience.
#3 Ben 10 Omniverse character: Rook
Ben 10 Omniverse Character:Rook Blonko
Rook Blonko
Rook Blonko is a male alien plumber came from planet revonnah. He is know as one of the highly skilled Plumber in combat. The Rook team up with Max Tennyson and Ben Tennyson to protect universe from evil aliens and villains. He is a great fan of ben10, respect his power and for the effort he had done to save the world and treat him as friends. To combat aliens, he use Proto-Tool as a Primary weapon against evil aliens and wears armor to protect himself from dangers such as laser beams and other harmful beams, etc.
#4 Ben 10 Omniverse Character: Gwen Tennyson
Ben 10 Omniverse Character:Gwen tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson is the paternal cousin of Benjamin Tennyson. She is a brilliant girl having good knowledge and some great martial art combat skill. Gwen Tennyson was born with anodite power, she got all of his power from grandmother, who is alien. Having such power she can make anodite energy and can control anodite energy, In Ben 10 Omniverse Series, She has decided to take some break from the hero stuff and concentrate on her education, later she joined a college that's why you will rarely see her fighting with Ben.

#4 Ben 10 Omniverse Character: Kevin Levien
Ben 10 Omniverse Character: Kevin Levien
Kevin Levein

Kevin Levein is a cool dude and plumber, who like to collecting alien technology, riding car and making money.He hass some unique power of absorbing energy from surroundings and can absorb power of aliens, humans, metals etc. He joined ben10 team as a plumber to save planet from bad aliens and villains.In Ben 10 Omniverse Series, you will rarely see him fighting bad guys as he also decides to join college with Gwen for further study

List of Ben 10 omniverse aliens

Ben10 Omniverse has whole new groups of aliens from all around the universe, and ben10 ominitrix is uploaded with some of the cool aliens.Here are the some of the ben10 ominiverse list.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Armodrillo


Armodrillo is the name given to Ominitrix dna sample of Alien Species know as " Talpaedan. Talpaedan Alien species lives in planet Terraexcava. They look like a big robot.
  • Power Of Armodrillo: Armodrillo has strong armor with ultimate digging capability. Using his jackhammer arms, he can create fissures in the ground, can create sockwaves and can launch objects he is holding.
  • Weakness of Armodrillo: The one of the biggest weakness of Armodrillo is that he is  too bulky and slow. Althoght his armour is bulky though it can't withstand Argit's spikes.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Ball Weevil

Ball Weevil
Ball weevil is the name given to Omnitrix DNA sample of Bug Alien Species. He is a bug look alike alien having 4 thin leg and two antennas.

  • Power Of Ball Weevil: Ball Weevil can build debris shaped plasma ball by eating junk materials and use his spitting power to blast off his enemy. He can create different size of plasma balls which can create damage depending upon plasma ball size.
  • Weakness of ball weevil: He cannot make debris ball without junk materials, and one of the funniest weakness of ball weevil is that he can get stuck in his own goo.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Bloxx


Bloxx is the name given to Omnitrix DNA sample of Alien Species know as " Segmentasapien ." Segmentasapien Alien species lives in planet Polyominus.
  • Power of Bloxx: Bloxx have high stretchable capabilities, Bend, build and shape-shift His body block to form different structures like Wall, blocks, etc. He can also reform his broken body to original shape. 
  • Weakness of Bloxx: Bloxx body can be broken into piece if hit by high force and also his body to sensitive to acid .

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Crashhopper

Crashhopper's is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species with long powerful hind leg .Crashhopper's look like as the combination of grasshopper and praying mantis .
  • Power of Crashhopper's: He has high jumping capacity and he can jump extremely long distances using his hind leg and also he have strong Exoskeleton.
  • The weakness of Crashhopper: He can't Jump on water or greasy land.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Diamondhead


Diamondhead is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species known as "Petrosapien " who lives in planet Petropia . DiamondHead's whole body made up of Diamonds.
  • The power of Diamondhead: Diamondhead can shape-shift his body, use a crystal as bullet for firing, he can also use his body as beam reflector .
  • The weakness of Diamondhead: Diamondhead cannot face Sonic vibration .

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Feedback

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Feedback

Feedback is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species known as " Conductoid ". Conductoid Alien species lives in planet Teslavorr.
  • Power of Feedback: Feedback can absorb any energy using his antenna and can redirect absorbed energy through tails, antenna and figure to distance target.
  • The weakness of Feedback: water and conductive materials .

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Fourarms

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Fourarms
Fourarms is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien species known as " Tetramand ." Tetramand alien species lives in planet Khoros.
  • A power of Fourarms: Fourarms have the ultimate power to smass and cruss stuff using his four arms. 
  • A weakness of Fourarms: Bulky body make his moves slow.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Gravattak

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Gravattak
Gravattack is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species known as " Galilean ." Galilean Alien species like rock lives in planet Keplorr.
  • Power of Gravattack: Gravattack have power to control gravity ( Gravitational Force) and can use it heavyweight against enemy. 
  • Weakness of Gravattack: Gravattack is bulky Due to switch he can't make his moves fast .

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: HeatBlast

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : HeatBlast
Heatblast is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species known as " Pyronite. " . Pyronite Alien species look like Burning Rock body, lives in Star Pyros.
  • Power of Heatblast: He can Create fireballs and have ability to fly and hover in the air for a long time . 
  • Weakness of Heatblast: the Biggest weakness of Heatblast is water.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Humungousaur

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Humungousaur
Humungousaur is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of alien species known as " Vaxasaurian ". Pyronite Alien species look like a dinosaur , Pyronite Alien species lives in Big planet know as Terradino.
  • Power of Humungousaur: He has ultimate body Armor, Strenght and ability to increase his height up to 60 feet.
  • Weakness of Humungousaur: Due to his bulky body, his moves are too slow.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Khyber's dog

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Khyber's dog
Khyber's dog
Khyber's Dog is a Khyber alien's pets who wear a device know as Nemetrix which allow Khyber's Dog to transform himself to Aliens Predator . Khyber's Dog is the Alien Species whoes head resembles like a Dinosaur species raptor and body of a Dog .
  • Power of Khyber's Dog: Khyber's Dog have ability to transform to an alien predator by using device know as Nemetrix .
  • Weakness of Khyber's Dog: Khyber's Dog 's weakness is poisons and needs sunlight to thrive.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Kickin Hawk

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Kickin Hawk
Kickin Hawk
Kickin' Hawk is an Alien species which look like a Combination of roosters and human body.
  • Power of Kickin' Hawk: Kickin' Hawk have incredible Kicking ability by using his powerful legs also he can generate shockwave by using his powerfully legs, Sharp Blades like claws make him ultimate fighter, he can use blades like claws to cut an object with few hits .
  • Weakness of Kickin' Hawk: N/a

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Shocksquatch

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien :Shocksquatch
Shocksquatch is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species known as "Gimlinopithecus ". He is alien species who resembles like Yeti.Gimlinopithecus Alien species lives in planet Pattersonea.
  • Power of Shocksquatch: He can Charge up his body with electricity and use this electricity to create a high voltage shock as Firepower.
  • Weakness of Shocksquatch : Due to his heavy body he can't run fast.

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien: Spidermonkey

Ben 10 Omniverse Alien : Spidermonkey
Spidermonkey is the name given to Ominitrix DNA sample of Alien Species known as " Arachnichimp". The Arachnichimp alien species look like combination of monkey and spider , Arachnichimp lien species lives in planet Aranhaschimmia.
  • Power of Spidermonkey: Spider monkey can shoot webs from his tail, he can stick to walls and have Fast Reflexive body movements.
  • Weakness of Spidermonkey: Irrepressible nature .

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Ben 10 | List of ben 10 aliens with images

          The Ben 10  - List of ben 10 aliens with image

The Ben 10  - List of ben 10 aliens with image

Ben 10 Animated Cartoon series

Ben 10 is the one of the most popular American animated cartoon series, which was created by the Group of people know by name " Man of Action ". Ben 10 is not only popular in United states of America but also across the globe, Ben 10 Cartoon ( Animated cartoons )  entered to list of most watched cartoons among all age groups. 

List of Ben 10 characters with pictures

Ben ( Benjamin Tennyson also know as Ben Tennyson  )

Ben ( Benjamin Tennyson also know as Ben Tennyson  )

Ben was the 10-year-old fun loving boy who loves playing games, Cracking jokes with Gwen (Ben's Cousin and his Friends.  At the age of 10, Ben found a Powerful alien device, whose shape and size resembles like a watch. This Alien watch Scans the DNA signature nearby and attaches itself to Ben Tennyson's wrist giving Ben Power to transform into 10 Different aliens. Later, through Grandpa (Max Tennyson), Ben Tennyson come to know that the Alien watch attaches to his wrist is known as Omnitrix which contains an ultimate power of the universe, by using this watch he can transform into different aliens with their power.

Gwen ( Gwendolyn Tennyson  also know as Gwen Tennyson )

Gwen ( Gwendolyn Tennyson  also know as Gwen Tennyson )

Gwen is the paternal Cousin of the Ben, Gwen was 10-year-old sweet Girl who always loves Learning Magic.She met his cousin Ben Tennyson during Summer Vacation's Organised by Grandpa max ( Max Tennyson ).Gwen was the intelligent student who has a keen interest in learning magic and as she Grows up,  she realizes that she is more than an Ordinary girl, later she comes to know that she is half alien with Powerful magical and Anodite power.She got Anodite Power from her Alien grandmother, She is not able to Create Anodite energy when she was 10 years old. but as see grown up to 16, she starts making Anodite energy.

Grandpa ( Maxwell Tennyson Also known as Max Tennyson )

Grandpa ( Maxwell  Tennyson Also known as Max  Tennyson )

Max Tennyson was the paternal grandfather of Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson ( Know as Grandpa max ) Max Tennyson was the 60-year-old man who likes Adventure, Road-trips, making of strange food. Max Tennyson was married with alien Anodite when he was a plumber. Max Tennyson is very good at combat that's why he was known as the best plumber in the universe. Although was retired, at the age of 60 but still he was protecting universe against bad alien along with ben and Gwen 

Omnitrix has main four Important modes these are: 

  • Active Mode:  Omnitrix's  Active mode allows the ominitrix watch user to transform into aliens.
  • Time Out Mode: Omnitrix's  Time-out mode is activated when ominitrix got discharged, transforming back from alien to original form.
  • Capture Mode: Omnitrix's  Capture Mode is activated to capture or Scan new DNA sample which was not already in Omnitrix' Alien DNA sample list, Capture mode allows ominitrix user to use a New alien sample for transforming into a new alien in future.
  • Self-Destruct Mode: Ominitrix's Self-Destruct mode allow the ominitrix user to self-destruct ominitrix watch.

                  List of Aliens in Ben10            

Grey Matter's

Grey Matter's wallpaper

Omnitrix was originally Invented by the small intelligent alien species called  Grey Matter's ( Galvan ), Galvan Created Omnitrix fro establishing peace in the universe.Galvan is the only person in the universe who know all the secrets and function of the Omnitrix.

Ben 10 Alien -Diamond Head

Ben 10 Alien -Diamond Head wallpaper

Ben 10 Alien - Four Arms

Ben 10 Alien - Four Arms wallpaper

Ben 10 Alien - Ghost Freak

 Ben 10 Alien - Ghost Freak wallpaper

Ben 10 Alien - Heat blast

Ben 10 Alien - Heat blast wallpapers

Ben 10 Alien - RipJaw

Ben 10 Alien - RipJaw wallpaper

Ben 10 Alien -  Stinkfly

Ben 10 Alien - Stinkfly wallpapers

Ben 10 Alien - Wildmutt

Ben 10 Alien - Wildmutt wallpapers

Ben 10 Alien - Jet ray

Ben 10 Alien - Jet ray wallpapers

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Add Facebook Like Button in Blogger blog

Adding Facebook Like Button in Blogger blog

facebook like button code for blogger
Today Social networking site are the easiest way to get  Traffic to your blog , provided your website or blog must have genuine and quality content . So why not boost your website or blog traffic by adding social networking Share button to your blog or website . You must have be wondering which Social networking  site is best for your blog or website for traffic . Obviously Facebook  ,why ? Because Facebook is the topmost social networking site of the Decade and having highest number of user .In this tutorial we will show to add Facebook like Button for your Blogger blog

How to get Audience From Facebook for free

If you website or blog have Quality and genuine content and want traffic to your Blog or website then you must have Facebook like button in your blog or website , will boost your website / blog traffic and audience  for sure , Only you have to do is to place Facebook like code in blog or website .

How Facebook like button boost Traffic and link go viral .

Whenever any Facebook user like website or page or article , your website/blog/page/article  link is shown to all of his/her friends in there homepage  , Some times your website/blog Content even go viral via Facebook , depending your content Quality .You can make your content go viral only by writing useful ,Quality , genuine Content

How to add Facebook like button in Blogger blog 

Step 1 : Login to blogger.com , Go to your Blogger dashboard , Click on template , Edit Html , Click on Expand Widget Templates  and  Place Facebook JavaScript SDK Code give below on  Blogger template  , Just after opening of your <Body> Tag or Just Before closing  of your <Body> Tag ,, you can also ass Code between <Body> tag .this Code plays important role Without this Facebook JavaScript SDK Code your Facebook code will not work properly for Multi-page ,By placing this Facebook JavaScript SDk code in < Body > tag , Every post of your blogger blog will work fine with proper counting

Step 2 : Now Place any one code out of Code 1 or Code 2 or Code 3 or Code 4 or Code 5 or Code 6  in blogger , where you want to render Facebook like Button . You can add this Code to blogger using Add widgets  , also you can Facebook like button below post title .

Code 1  : Facebook Standard button along with send button |   Preview :

standard facebook like button with send code for blogger


Code 2  : Facebook Simple like and Send button |  Preview :

 facebook like button with send  code for blogger


Code 3  : Facebook Like box counter and send button |  Preview :

facebook like box with send button code for blogger

Code 4  : Facebook Standard Like button with counter |  Preview :

standard facebook like button code without send button for blogger

Code 5  : Facebook simple Like button with counter |  Preview :

Simple facebook like button code without send for blogger

Code 6  : Facebook simple Like box button with counter |  Preview :

 facebook Box like button code without send button for blogger

Watch Step by Step tutorial on adding facebook button to blogger

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