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How To Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline remover - Frequently asked Questions and there Answers

Almost 80% of Facebook user doesn't like Facebook timeline for there Facebook Profile and want to get rid of Facebook timeline anyhow , Technically Its is impossible to remove Facebook timeline from Facebook . Since few month's back Facebook Have Updates its design and Disable old Facebook profile feature and set Facebook timeline as default for all users .There is no way to remove  Facebook timeline via Facebook settings . Its all upto Facebook team to enable Facebook old profile setting In Future ,don't know about Facebook future plans about Facebook timeline .

How to remove Facebook timeline

How ever there are Few Apps ,Software and Browsers Apps Facebook on the internet that claims that they  can help you to remove Facebook timeline and 10 % of the Apps Does that  but make sure to apps you were going to use is safe to use. Before installing  any Apps and stuff related to timeline remove you might have Some question related to Facebook Timeline Remover in your mind . So , let me clear  most asked question related to Facebook timeline remover .

Do Facebook Timeline Remover Apps Really remove Facebook timeline ?

Technically its impossible to remove Facebook timeline ,Since Facebook has set Facebook timeline as default for all Facebook user .

What Facebook timeline Remover apps do ?

Actually Facebook apps Related to timeline remover apps does create a illusion via your browsers and pretends that you were using old Facebook profile without timeline .Facebook Timeline remover is like Personalize theme which only change its appears and look for particular Browser . However Facebook Profile Appears with timeline for other user when they see your profile .

Is it Safe to use timeline Remover ?

Almost 90% of Facebook timeline remover Apps are Fake and scams and even Some of the facebook apps are infected by malicious program , virus ,Spyware etc . So always keep your eye's wide open when dealing with facebook timeline remover apps and stuff .

How Do i trust any facebook timeline Remover apps ?

Create your second temp Account , install facebook timeline remover and judge facebook timeline remover apps for atleast one month for suspious activity . Use facebook timeline Remover apps only When you are 100% sure
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How to detect Virus in computer without Antivirus .

How to detect Virus In computer without antivirus

detect Virus In computer without antivirus
Whenever your computer gets infected by virus , malware , worms or with any kind of harmful program , then computer starts to react Suspiciously by showing some Wired window behavior or Program Window Functioning in minute amount to large amount Its damn easy to find out whether your computer is infected by virus or with harmful , but its a bit Problematic when its come to to detect exact location or virus or Program infected by Virus , Although its Tough to Find out exact Virus Program but its not even impossible .To Spot or detect a Virus or harmful program in computer is easy Through keen observation over your computer programs , Behavior , Performance .

What computer virus do ?

Computer Virus is a kind of program  are designed to loaded onto Computer for the sake of reducing computer efficiency , Stealing data , dumping Memory like Hard disk space , Ram Memory etc .

How do i know My computer is infected by Virus ?

Its easy to detect whether your computer is safe or being infected by virus , Whenever your computer Operating system is infected or attacked by virus ( Any kind of harmful program ) , Your computer starts to show some Sign like Lagging computer program performance , Loading of program takes time , Programs Get suspiciously unresponsive programs etc .

Primary Memory Dumping virus -  Track Your memory or process Usage .

A Virus that Harm or dump Ram memory can be easily Detected via Task manager . These types of virus loads up in programs memories and Dumps a part of Ram memory for there Program execution and reduce free ram for proper functioning .To detect a Virus infected program in your computer , Open task manager by pressing CTRL+ ALT + delete , Spot for a Small size program  or process that uses High Memory like 2 Mb of xyz program using 50 Mb + memory .

Secondary Memory Dumping virus - Track Your Hard disk Usage .

There are Thousands of virus which are just programmed for dumping computers hard disk with copies of same File or Virus due to which a large part of hard disk space is wasted .These type of Virus Creates backup in almost every Folder or your computers . These virus create folders or file with same name so there are easy to detect but hard to remove without antivirus programs . To see whether your Pc is infected by virus that dump hard disk is easy ,these kind of virus set there attribute to hidden so by enabling Hidden Folder you can detect these virus programs.

Dangerous Virus Programs - Track Your Internet connection " sent or received " during idle Internet

Most dangerous virus programs is the virus that use internet connection to steal or transfer data without knowledge of a person . These type of virus programs are designed to steal Personal data like log in credentials etc . Although virus that use internet is dangerous but its damn easy to detect these kind of Virus only you need to keep a keen observation in sent and received data while idle internet connection. Close all internet programs and updates and See whether your internet connection is Sending and receiving data continuously then your computer is infected By Virus program that Aims to steams data .

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How to Protect Smartphone From Viruses and hackers

How to Protect Smart phone form Virus and hackers 

Protect Smartphone From Viruses and hackers

Ways to Protect Smartphone From Viruses and hackers

Install and update Antivirus - Secure your mobile/smart phone from virus

Installing Antivirus could Help you to fight Against harmfull programs Like virus , malware , spy ware , worms , Trojan virus etc .These harmfull programs not only reduce Your mobile/smart phone efficiency, speed and performance but also some time steal personal data stored in your mobile/smart phone .So make sure to install latest Antivirus and keep your antivirus upto date by updating its definition .

Turn off Bluetooth device When not in use - Secure your mobile/smart phone from virus and hackers .

Bluetooth device is used for transferring data without wireless connection but do you know ? , Improper use of Bluetooth Like keeping your mobile Bluetooth on when Not in use can Help hackers to steal your personal data .

Turn off Mobile/smartphone Wi-Fi when not in use - Secure your mobile/smart phone from virus and hackers .

Wi-Fi is like easy gate way for hackers to access your device without knowledge of yours , through which they can steal or modify data stored in your mobile/smart phone . make sure to set password to your mobile/smart phone and avoid connection with Untrusted public Wi-Fi Network for Internet Use .

Scan Memory device before using in mobile/smart phone - Reduce the risk of virus .

Memory device like Memory card may be easily be infected by virus when connected to infected computers, So make sure to scan Memory card before Inserting in your mobile/smart phone . Avoid using Infected Memory card in your mobile device or smartphone .

Delete paired device from your mobile/smart phone - Avoid unauthorized access.

Whenever we Send or receive date using Bluetooth , our device sometime saved Bluetooth Connection setting for fast accessing Connected Blue tooth due to manual error , Due to which If any one who already paired with your mobile/smart phone can access ,send and receive data without knowledge of yours , These saved Bluetooth connection are know as Paired device . So make sure to delete all paired device and Restrict there Future access without Bluetooth prompt .

Avoid Installing Cracked Apps/games and Apps/games without signature in your mobile/smart phone - Measure to Avoid Installing infected apps .

Many paid apps and games are available for free without digital signature , these Apps may harm your mobile/smart phone nd may contain some virus which will lower your mobile/smart phone performance even can Stole your Personal data . Avoid installing Cracked apps because these apps for sure contains virus and harmfull programs .

Avoid Mobile/smart phone Connection with public Wi-Fi .

Connecting mobile/smart phone with Pubic Wi-Fi for Internet connection may be dangerous sometime ,Most of the public computer are daily used by lots of user so Pubic computer are the first choice of the hacker for the sake of hacking lots of users information form one place . So If possible do not use Wi-Fi which is not secured with password .
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How to increase your internet speed fast in Window XP and Window 2003

How to increase your Internet speed  By 20% in Window Xp

Its not possible to increase Internet speed more then Internet speed Provided by Internet service Provider with any kind of software or by optimizing Tcp/ip connection ( Optimizing Tcp/ip improves Browsing speed as well as Ping and connection ) I meant You will not get 512 Kbps downloading speed with 256 Kbps Internet connection . However , You can Improve your existing  Internet speed  like downloading , Uploading and Browsing speed to maximum capacity you are getting from your Internet service Provider by optimizing your .

How to free up my dump Internet Speed

Internet speed is very important for Downloading ,uploading and browsing  .Do you know ? By default computer Reserves 20% of Internet speed for windows updates Due to which   20% Internet speed we are getting get wasted as default reserved bandwidth for window updates .By Setting reserved bandwidth for window updates to 0% can drastically improves your computer speed by 20% .So In this tutorial we are going to Show you , How you can Gain 20% of Internet speed in window xp by Setting  20% Reserved bandwidth to 0%. This trick is genuine and working in window xp and window servers 2003 family  . If you are thinking to increase your Internet speed more then your Internet Speed providing then sorry to say  " Stop wasting your Time "  , You can't increase Internet speed by 100% or 200 %, 300% or 500% by any kind of software ,Those software only tweak your tcp/ip setting to improve your Browsing speed and downloading speed up-to 60% of Internet connection speed Provided by yours Service provider .

Steps to increase  Internet speed By 20% in window Xp and windows server 2003 family 

Step 1 : Click on Start , Run and type Gpedit.Msc in Run window . ( Refer Figure 1.1 )

Click on Start
Open run Window

                   Figure 1.1

Step 2 : Under Group policy window , click on Computer Configuration then click on Administration templates . ( Refer Figure 1.2 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : Under  Administration templates window , click on Network and choose Qos Packet Scheduler and click on it .( Refer Figure 1.3 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Under  Qos Packet Scheduler window , Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth . ( Refer Figure 1.4 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.4

Step 5 : Under Reservable Bandwidth Properties window , Click on enable and set Bandwidth limit (%) to  " 0 " .Click on Apply and ok . ( Refer Figure 1.5 )

Increase internet speed windows xp

Figure 1.5

Step 6 : Restart your computer ( Refer Figure 1.6 )

Restart computer

Figure 1.6

How to increase your Internet speed Trick for Window Xp / window server 2003 family 

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How to Protect Online Bank Account from hackers

How to Protect Your Online Bank Accounts from hackers

Protect online bank account Almost every people in the world have online bank account and prefer to use online money transaction for buying , Paying bills ans lots of stuffs  , Obviously sending money via online bank account is Fast, secured and most important  , It is less time consuming . Although Online Banking is safe and secured but it does have some issues when it comes " How a online banking user use it " . One Small mistake can lead  hacker a easy gateway to your bank , there are some key points that helps you practice safe online banking

Ways to protect Online banking account from hackers

Install Antivirus and scan regularly for virus 

Install Antivirus in your pc and secure your Computer from virus and malwares, and make sure to update your antivirus time to time . Regularly check your your computer for Virus and malware . Keep

Avoid log in to bank account from public computer or cafe.

Public computer and cafes are used by many peoples in a day that's why Cafe and public computer are always a easy target of hackers , 90% of public and cafe computer are Unsafe for use ,even you can call them Hub of  of virus , malware ,Spyware and key loggers which do comes through internet and Flash drive used by Users. So Avoid log in to you bank account and transaction from public computers .

Avoid Suspicious Browser plugin and Apps

Almost all browser support Plugin and apps to make your browsing easy an fast , Some Plugin and apps do contains virus , Malware and spyware . If possible avoid using Non trusted apps without digital signature in your browser .

Login to Main bank Site by typing in browser .

Always log in to your main bank website by tying bank website address , instead of log in from non bank site or links given in non bank website . ( Example : www.yourbankname.com )

Clear Browsing data and reduce the risk of accidental saved password 

Sometime , Accidentally username and Passwords got saved in browser due to manual error which Could be used to access directly to your account , Even clear you email login details from your browser, because in case your email contains secured bank login data or associated with your bank account then it can be used to access your bank details by hackers , So make sure to clear Browsing data ,Password , forms when you  close Browser or leave computer . 

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links

Do not click any links asking for any type of bank log in  information in emails , Do not Respond to email that  claims that your email id was won money For so and so reason . The link you received via email may contains phishing link , which is used by hacker to gather victims bank login details  , or small transactions and your email id details . Do not fall prey to Scam email  that offers your huge money or prizes .

Change online bank log in details time to time 

Make sure to change your online bank log in details  and transaction password within 3 months , also make sure activate Mobile Phone SMS alert for your bank account activity  details . Also keep a track of your bank log in activity .

A small awerness can protect your bank account from hacker !!
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How to Upload template in Blogger .

How to upload template in blogger

upload template in blogger
Blogger is one of the free blogging platform that let there blog owner to have full control over their blog template, you can customize your blogger template or upload brand new blogger template with just one click all your need to do is to find blogger supported blog template in .xml format and upload on your blog .In this article we will show you step by step guide on how to upload blogger template. Be aware of the fact that uploading new blogger template will remove or damage the existing widgets used in blog.

Step by step guide on how to upload template in blogger blog

Before getting started with step by step guide to to upload template in blogger blog, make sure to backup your blogger template so that in case something goes wrong you may recover your original blogger template.

Step 1 : Access Blogger Dashboard

Log in to your Blogger dashboard at www.blogger.com by entering your gmail account credential . As shown in  figure 1.1

Figure 1.1

Step 2 :Select Blog

Select your blog in which you want to upload custom template .( There are two way by which you can access your blogger templates window . 1)Enter your blog whose Templates is to be managed ( By clicking on your blog name ) , Click on Templates located at just right of your Blog (Refer Figure T.1 ) 2) Via Drop down Icon of blog (Refer Figure T.2 ) .

Figure T.1

 Figure T.2

Step 3 : Click Drop Down button

Click on drop down button of your blog , A blog in which you want to upload Template . ( Refer Figure 1.2 to find our drop down button location) , Click On Template .

Figure 1.2

Step 4 : Click Backup/Restore Button 

Click On Backup/Restore Button , Backup/Restore Button is located at top right of your blog Template setting page (Refer Figure 1.3 to see where is Backup/Restore Button )

Figure 1.3

Step 5 : Download your blogger blog template backup

When you click On Backup/Restore Button , you will see new window with option to download existing /Current template and uploading new template . Before proceeding with uploading your custom template , make sure to Download your old template as a backup by simple clicking on Downlaod Full template . When you done with downloading ,Click on choose file ( Refer Figure 1.4 )

Figure 1.4

Step 6 : Browse blogger template (.xml format) you want to see in your blog

Browse your custom blogger template you want to upload and click open as shown in Figure 1.5 ( Note : Make sure you have blogger template in Xml formats ) .

Figure 1.5

Step 7: Upload Blogger template

Once you see your template name just at right of Choose file option then , Click on upload and wait till full template is going to uploaded . usually blogger template are of small size around 50 KB to 500 KB . So uploading will take around 1 to 10 second . (Refer Figure 1.6 ) . Once your template is uploaded then Click on Close Button .

Figure 1.6

Step 8 : View your blogger blog 

Click on View blog or enter your blog address on your web browser to see how your custom template look like . In case your widgets are are not properly organised in new template then you can manage your widgets using layout option . You can access Layout option through Drop Down button Via Blogger dashboards 's blog list (see Figure T.2) or Enter your blog whose layout is to be managed ( By clicking on your blog name ) , Click on Layout located at just right of your Blog page (Refer Figure T.1 ) (Figure T.1). You can manage your Template layout by simple adding widget or Dragging and dropping Widgets . (See how your layout window look like Figure 1.7 )

Figure 1.7

Watch on youtube "How to Upload template in Blogger "

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How to Get Rid of lag on Pc Games ( without upgrading )

How to make pc games less laggy

Game lag fix
Now day's Game developer are developing high end PC game's to improve Overall gaming experience like Improving there game graphics to reality , Sound quality that create real world sound quality etc , but to play these High end game you need a high end gaming computer . However sometimes you experience game lag while playing game althoughyour PC satisfy Minimum system requirement for particular game , Why ? there are several reason that make a high-end PC lag , In this article we will help you to overcome game lag 

( If you game full fill minimum system requirement of game ) .

Some tips to Fix pc game lag

Clean Computer Ram Slots from dust ,It can reduce pc game lag to certain ammount

Your Game processing speed depends largely on your Ram , Upgrading your Ram could reduce your game lag drastically , but people do face game lag although they have large ram storage capacity . There is only one reason that is Dust ( As time passes these small dust particle started  to deposit in Ram slot ,leaving behind a thin insulating coating of dust deposit over ram   )  .  Your Ram Stick and Ram slot might be filled up with small dust particle Almost invisible with naked eye and this Small dust particle act as a barrier between your Ram Stick and Motherboard metallic connection  leaving behind Under performance ram .So , Next time If you spot unresponsive programs or unresponsive computer black screen  during booting up of computer , then its just Ram malfunction due to dust . Immediately turn off your pc and  unplug your for main computer power-supply  , use blower to remove dust from Motherboard and remove your Ram stick . Clean your ram  Slot and ram metallic contacts with air blower or Dry brush .Grab a Small dry cloth of cotton an clean Ram stick's metallic contact once . Re plug all the hardware back to there original position and restart your computer .

Clean Computer Video Card Slot from dust , its help to fix video card lag

In case your PC have external video card  installed  then you must regular check and clean your video card to get rid of  dust deposit on video card Slots , Actually these Dust particle can drastically reduce your  video card performance , These dust particles deposit near Video Card metallic region and video card slots making a thin barrier between video card and Motherboard connect leaving behind under performance video card ,So you must clean your video card at-least once in Four months .

Upgrading Video Drivers - Help to fix Graphic lag

Upgrading video card can boost your gaming experience . But if you already have a large video memory and facing gaming lag like old PC  then you need to upgrade your video card  driver to latest version and also check whether you have sufficient free ram memory for processing or not , According to our study , PC  gaming Performance can drastically improves if the  Ratio between Ram and video memory is minimum of 2: 1 ( Video card of 2 GB should have at-least 4 GB of ram  ) . Install Video card driver as suggested by the vendor and also  make sure to upgrade your video card driver for lag free gaming experience . 

Installing latest Direct X - Helps to fix Graphic Lag

Direct X Play important Role in improving gaming performance . since it is the type of Application programming interface which makes an interface between Software components and responsible for fast communication between software, that's why you need a Direct X for best communication between game and software components . So make sure you have latest Direct X installed in your PC this could reduce your game lag and Improves your gaming experience like Graphics , Audio  etc .

Play in to  lower game settings-Helps to fix o Lag

If you experiences game lag too much  then you must try to lower your  game graphics like Textures , Dimensions , Dynamic Lights etc as well as audio settings , this method works for 90% Games , however you game experience may change a lot by lowering your game setting  like lower Graphics Quality , lower audio Quality , At least you will be able to lay lag free game .
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Is Dark chocolate good for health - Benefits of Dark chocolate

Why chocolate is good for health


Want to see a real smile on your loved one face or kid or wanna make angry people smile , then just offer him Chocolate .You will see magic of chocolate that would bring a real happiness and joy in there eye . Even a Small bar of chocolates makes your kids happy and joyful Off course because of it Sweet taste but Do you know these chocolates Efficiently improves body health . All what matter is a good quality of Chocolate and its content , so make sure you buy good quality chocolate . You might be wondering which chocolate is good for your kid and your beloved one . Actually according to recent studies it has found that chocolate which is rich in coco ( Dark chocolate ) is good for health , but consuming too often can have negative effect on health . According to a survey made by us , we found Almost 80% of people do like to eat small chocolate bar a day after their meal in desert . Consuming Chocolate in limited amount helps your body and mind but consuming too much of chocolate after a Meal on daily basic could Have bad effect on your body health .

Is chocolate is good for health or not ?

Although chocolate makes our mouths watering but people avoid eating chocolate ,due to certain misconception about chocolate about health .Yes ! Chocolate which is rich in coco is good for health when it is consumed in small quantity while its is  bad for health when it is consume in excess amount . now there a question arises which chocolate is good for health and which one is bad . Almost all chocolate made up of coco are good for health but most Preferably a Dark chocolate is way too good for health . Its all about Quality and quantity of chocolate you eat in a day , Eating too much of chocolate is bad for health that can lead your body towards a fat , unhealthy body while eating dark chocolate boost your health .So , avoid eating too much of chocolate .

Health benefits of eating chocolate .

 Dark Chocolate is Good for Heart .

A studies shows that dark chocolate can help in lowering Body LdL cholesterol which is marked as bad cholesterol for body health and helps in Lowering Blood pressure . By consuming a small dark chocolate bar everyday you can keep you heart health and  also helps in reducing risk of strokes. Eating Bar doesn't meant consuming chocolate as a food , by doing so, It will create negative effect on your health , So Do not eat too much of chocolate every day . Small bar of Dark chocolate everyday makes your heart healthy and fit ,Almost all dark chocolate are good for heart but a chocolate which is rich in coco considered as best for health .Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and can help your heart ,cardiovascular system  to function well.

Dark Chocolate is Good for Brain .

Consuming a Small bar of Dark Chocolate keeps your brain healthy and help in boasting memory .Proper brain functioning helps in proper body metabolism and improves your work efficiency  .There are many medical Theories shows that a dark chocolate helps in lowering bad body cholesterol and improves blood flow in blood Vessel which have positive impact on blood circulation and improves cognitive functions and memory Efficiency .

 Dark Chocolate Stabilize  Blood Sugar.

Rich coco Dark Chocolate can help you to lower Blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance along with your blood sugar ,Consuming a small bar a day help your body  to maintain insulin level that reduces body sugar to certain amount . However all types of  chocolates are not good for blood Sugar .So make sure you do  take doctor advice before start consuming any type of chocolate in you were suffering from diabetes .

Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress .

Chocolate is like stress buster which help you to reduce stress and help in bring your minds to cool and happy state . So Next time when you were sad or any beloved one is sad  then you must offer him one Big chocolate bar .

Bad Effect of eating Chocolate on health 

Chocolate are always good when they are consumed in small amount . However consuming anything in Excess are always harmful ,So obviously eating too much of chocolate have bad effect on body health .Some of the problem which are being commonly notice due to excess of eating are :

Eating too much chocolate Cause weight gain.

Avoid eating too much of chocolate whether its is healthy chocolate bar or its ordinary chocolate , Consuming chocolate in large quantity as a supplement to daily food can be dangerous for body , its can lead your body fatty and unhealthy and even sometime .

Eating too much Chocolate Cause Headache .

According to Medical Theory and studies ,Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine and caffeine , which cause headache , whenever you consume excess of chocolate or can eating too much chocolate with empty Stomach could cause migraines . You can also avoid headache caused by chocolate by consuming chocolate in small amount and by avoiding consuming  empty stomach .
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How to Protect Our Environment From Pollution As An Individual.

How to Protect Environment From Pollution.

Protect Environment From Pollution.
Pollution has become one of the most discussed topics of all time, Seriously speaking it look like people are more interested in debating then taking some solid step toward protecting the environment. Every day, The population issue is going worst and worst it is more like a slow poison which is hardly visible through our naked eyes. It may be categories with a various name like air pollution, noise pollution, Land pollution etc, it has only one role is to destroy our ecosystem and environment slowly with time.The researcher has found that every living from unicellular to multicellular organism and from single cell organism to brainy people like human almost everything tangible thing is now affected by pollution.We don't need to clarify why human life span has reduced by a couple of years, It's due to contaminated food which is the another flaws of land pollution. Another curse of the pollution you have seen in a recent year is the drastic changes in our environment giving rise to the tornado, Tsunami, earthquakes etc these are the unwelcome gift of pollution. Pollution can be categories with a different name but it has only one role that degrading our environment. If Pollution continues to grow like this then there will be no fresh air will be left out to breath.there were no land for farming.Although it is hard to minimize the rate of pollution in this techno and comfort addicted world but every individual effort can reduce the rate of pollution to large extent. Being the human, We have some duty toward our mother earth.In this article, we have tried to explain some ways using which you may reduce the pollution rate to considerable account as an individual.Before proceeding with the ways to protect environment let me clarify most asked question related to pollution and environment.

Who is the responsible for pollution?

Who is actually responsible for the Degradation of our environment? Most people face off from their duty towards the environment by saying “ What we can do? Its government jobs “. In reality ask yourself once "Are we playing our part protecting our environments? “ or we facing off from our moral duty by fooling our self. No! It’s not only government duty to protect the environment, As individuals, we have some responsibility towards our environment. Government alone can’t save our environment they need public support to reduce the pollution. The government is actually playing there 50% part in protecting the environment so we should also play our 50% contribution in saving the environment from pollution. Don't say why the government is not banning company which are actively responsible for pollution. Does it really matter? Who care's who did. what really matter is who stood up and participated for a noble cause. As an individual, we can protect our environment to large extent, Imagine If every single person in the world takes their 10% responsibility towards environment then we will reduce pollution to 50%. According to Survey made by Shoutingblogger team, we have found that 74% of people want to save their environment but they don't know how to get started with. So do you have to go for the hunger strike, Protest etc? Not at all. You can save our environment in the same manner like other nature activists from your home itself. Let me show you real magic now.  

Ways to Protect Environment from Pollution

As an individual, we may help our environment and help in reducing pollution to great extent by paying attention to some important points in our daily routine.

Practice Recycling of waste product that can be recycled

In daily routine, we do waste lots of stuff like paper, Plastics and even water, Instead of throwing those waste in trash categories them into a recyclable and non-recyclable product and send those product to a Right full place like the recyclable waste to recycle company and nonrecyclable waste to proper dumping Area. Avoid wasting useful products to waste, Instead of throwing waste water recycle waste water for other purposes like water a garden. Start practicing gray water recycling, and rainwater recycling.

Use electricity wisely and effectively

People thinks that electricity is eco-friendly and help to protect nature, We are not saying electricity produce pollution and harms the environment, but what about method’s used for generating Electricity, Yes! They do produce pollution and harm our environment, But we can’t do anything about pollution caused by the generation of energy but we should utilize the electricity effectively and wisely so that our government does not need to run the additional plant to full fill our electricity needs in this way we are indirectly helping our environment.

Tips to save electricity bills and Environment

Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use, By switching off electrical appliances you not only helps our environment but also you save money on Internet bills. Replace all inefficient Electric appliances which consume high amount electricity but also have an adverse effect on your pockets. Use eco-friendly electrical appliances.

Using LPG cooking gas efficiently can save energy.

LPG cooking gas does contribute to air pollution in a small amount .Do you know, To extract these natural gas from there well, lots of energy was wasted To make its available in usable form. The method and setup used for Extraction, purification, and transportation of these petroleum products are major source of Air pollution and noise pollution however as an individual we can’t control Pollution caused due to extraction, purification, and transportation, but we can help in reducing the pollution by proper utilizing our LPG cooking gas

Tips to save LPG cooking gas

Avoid using Improper bad conducting cooking utensils, Try to cook food in low burner speed. Always check for leakage for gas, Avoid wasting gas, Turn it off when cooking gas is not in use.

Using the Microwave efficiently can save energy.

Do you know Microwave is the source of hidden pollution know as radiation? It is invisible to our eyes.Pollution caused by the microwave oven is less as per environment sake if it is used properly and efficiently. Although microwave oven uses electricity to produce microwave radiation to heat food however it does produce radiation which is harmful to humans and another living being, The malfunctioning microwave is worst for health but also it has negative effect on the environment .

Tips to Save energy when using Electric or Microwave Ovens and Environment

If your microwave oven is malfunctioning then either repair or replace it because Malfunctioning Microwave not only consumes more electricity but also destroy foods nutrients as a result in a waste of energy. Use Microwave when you really need it, avoid wasting energy by reheating, again and again, Switch of your oven when no longer is in use.

Using the Vehicles efficiently can save energy.

Nowadays a vehicle is becoming our basics need for transportation and travailing. Vehicles are one of the major sources of air pollution as well as sound pollution. As per rough study made by us, A vehicles contribute 47.5 % of total air pollution caused in one year. By overcome the pollution caused by vehicles, pollution .we can reduce 32.5 % of total air limit,

Tips to improve fuel efficiency vehicles and reduce pollution

Drive your vehicles within your fuel efficient, Turn off your vehicle engine, when it is not in use for more than 2.5 minutes , Avoid turning your engine off when you need to start again in 1 minutes, because starting engine do consume more fuels then keeping you engine start for 1 minutes.
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Battlefield 2 Review | Pc Screenshots

About Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 was developed by " Digital Illusions CE " ( also know as DICE  ), Published by well know game publisher " Electronic Arts ". Battlefield 2  was launched on Windows ( Pc  ) as a first Stable released on 21-June-2005 in North America  . Battlefield 2 was the third new full game in Battlefield Series released after  Battlefield

Battlefield 2 Review

For Sure Battlefield 2 is a  first-person shooter games  but for me , It is  more then just a   first-person shooter game .I call Battlefield 2  as First Person tactical game which allow you to  play Battlefield 2 with tactics and strategy . You can play Battlefield 2  as Lone wolf , In Squad ,as a Squad Leader , or commander . Playing multiplayer  Battlefield 2 is Just amazing experience , In Battlefield 2 Multiplayer  we can really test our skills with real player . 

Pros of  Battlefield 2

  • I n  Battlefield 2  , You  have  six different kits to choose from  like Anti-Tank Kits ,Engineer Kits ,Medic kits , Assault Kits ,Spec-Ops kits,Support kits
  • In  Battlefield 2  , Never get bored by playing game with your own tactics , like playing as lone wolf , Playing in Squad , Playing as Commander etc
  • In  Battlefield 2  , You can boost you  real skills by playing mutiplayer  game ,
  • Unlocking new weapons ,Kits and ranks makes this game Special

Cons of battlefield 2

  • In Battlefield 2  , Guns recoils  to much and Bullets spread rate is to high , almost unreal .
  • Some time , Battlefield 2 game crashes to desktop while playing multiplayer game
  • Battlefield 2 multiplayer Global ranking works on 1.4 Patch 

Battlefield 2 Jets Screenshots

Bf2 Jets Screenshots Battlefield 2 Screenshots
Battlefield 2 Images
Battlefield 2 Images & Screenshots battlefield 2 images
battlefield 2 pc game battlefield 2 reviews
Battlefield 2 Screenshots
Battlefield 2 Screenshots f35 Battlefield 2 Screenshots f35
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What is twitter ? Pros and Cons of Twitter .

What is twitter ? What are the Pros and Cons of Twitter


What is Twitter 

Twitter is popular online micro blogging social networking service that allow there registered user to send and read maximum of 140 character message know as tweets , you can say a kind of Social networking sms. A twitter user can share his or her thoughts and words by tweeting from his Tweet text box ,Which is publish to his Profile tweets page and make those tweets available to there follower's home page as your tweets update.

When was twitter created and launched ( Twitter history quick overview ) 

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey ( American web developer) as a privately held company in early March 2006 , He started developing his first Twitter prototype in early 2006 , On 15-July-2006 Jack Dorsey publicly released his first Twitter prototype . 

Why Twitter Become So Popular

There were lot's of reason for twitter popularity among people but out of all two of them are most imporatant for boosting twitter popularity innovative idea for developing new social networking height and other one is involvement of celebrity .Twitter popularity boosted due to Celebrity's accounts on twitter . At the end of 2012 around 70% of celebrity joined twitter due to which twitter global traffic ranks is boosted like Jets . At the end of 2012 , around 550 Million joined twitter and still counting is on .

Twitter Pros and Cons 

Everything over internet whether it is popular or not, Its has it own pros and cons, likewise twitter also have pros and cons .Lets take a quick look at most common twitter pros and cons

Pros and cons Twitter

Pros of Twitter

  • In twitter , you can follow your favorite celebrities Tweets and update by following him or her.Best thing about twitter is that , all celebrity account are verified and marked with verified icon to ensure whether Celeb account is real of fake .
  • You can Grow your business by promoting your products and events via twitter Tweets .If you twitter account is popular and have lots of follower then with just one tweet you can reach millions of people with the help of Followers re tweets .
  • You can protect your tweets by making your tweets Private .
  • You can track live message updates from your following peoples via your mobile ,smart phone, Tablets and Pc etc .
  • You can even communicate with your favorite celebrity by following him ,Replying to his/her comments or by mentioning in your own tweet.
  • You can follow as many people you like .
  • Twitter is now more secured then any other micro blogging social networking site .Twitter recently Improved there login security by using secured connection " HTPS"
  • You can promote your Twitter profile by embedding your twitter profile Widget to your blog or website .
  • You can Customize your profile background by uploading customized Background wallpaper .

Cons of Twitter

  • In twitter , You Can post up to 140 Character per tweet . (140 Character Limit make twitter popular).
  • You can only tweet 1,000 per day also you can't just follow more then 1,000 people per day.
  • You can't send More then 250 direct message per day
  • You can Post only one photos ,image or wallpaper link at a time
  • Direct message can be sent to one user at a time .
  • You cant upload video in twitter , however you can add YouTube video links by tweeting YouTube video links .
  • Less privacy ,Since all of you tweets can be read by your followers instantly when you tweet them .
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How to make money online with Blog without investment

How to make money online with Blog without investment

Make Money Blogging
You don't have to be a professional blogger to earn money online with blogging, lots of people all over the world are earning money online without investing any single penny from there pocket except internet bills and electricity bills . They are actually earning money after spending lots of time in getting traffic to there blog and writing unique content . Blogger who spent lots of time in blogging and sharing there knowledge with people are really earning money as Side income. Some old blogger's are  making handsome Two to Five digit earning by just blogging and sharing there expertise with internet world via blog . 

[ Note: earning money with blog depends on your blog traffic ,content and way to monetize . Keep one thing in one mind everything in making money with blog is time consuming depending your skill. ]

Steps to Make money with Blog without investment

Find out your strength 

First and foremost thing in blogging is to find out your strength, knowledge and skills , Realize your particular subject expertise and Share your expertise to help , guide other via your blog . For example like if you are expert gamer and you like gaming , then you must develop Gaming blog . If you are well skilled in making food then build a recipe blog or food blog or even If you got keen eyes then Create a review blog , lots of people keeps on searching for reviews that might help them to buy best products .Its all about your Expertise in particular subject. and start writing on your blog . Important rule in blogging is to be loyal to your audience, do not Just Write content for traffic , try to create Helpful and meaning full content .

Make a blog

You don't need to invest a penny from your pocket to Create a blog . There are plenty of free blogging platform which allow there user to host there blog for Free and provides unlimited bandwidth , Some of the popular Free blogging platform allow there users to design there blog , More then a ordinary blog to professional blog by offering various feature that boost users blogging experience like uploading custom templates , gadgets , Java scrips . ( While choosing a blog Domain , Make sure to Add Keyword that gives overview about your blog ) .

Improve your blog Traffic 

Earning money through a blog depends upon only one major factor that is your blog's daily unique visitors ,Best source to to improve your blog traffic is through search engine . So , add your Blog address i.e. domain name to popular search engine for indexing and crawling . Submit your website to popular High page rank website to improve your blogs domain name trusted level in search engine . Share your new content Url to popular social networking site , Since social networking site are best source to get traffic .Get Direct traffic in the form of followers traffic by asking your friends to follow your blog .

Add content to Your blog

Most important thing about a blog is to get a organic traffic (Traffic from search engine ) . To get traffic to your blog add some unique Content to your blog in regular interval of time , Make sure to write a content in demand by searching on Google or using Google keywords suggestion tools .Avoid Writing False article which are just good for nothing as per audience/visitor point of view, Always write meaningful content and unique for your blog audience .Writing and writing a genuine content weakly will boost your blog traffic and search engine Visibility , you will be able to manage genuine audience according to your writing skills .Always write a content which would be suitable for all age group .

Monetize your blog by showing Ads

Best method to earn money is to monetize your blog traffic by showing ads on your blog , there are two ways by which you can earn money by showing ads 1) Through direct advertiser 2) Through publisher Network ( Like adsence ) . Getting a Direct advertiser for blog is a bit tough when it comes to blog traffic and blog content , however applying fro publisher account is easy , there are thousands of publisher network that allows Blog owner to monetize there blog content to make Money .

Monetize your blog By Affiliated marketing 

You can also earn money by monetizing your blog with affiliated links , However making money with Affiliated marketing require marketing skills with huge traffic , If you believe that your really have good marketing skill then only things you have to do is to signup Affiliated marketing program ( like commission junction , amazon etc ) ,Writing Product Reviews along with your affiliated product links and Monetize your blog space by showing a featured affiliated marketing links. earning through affiliated marketing depends upon Sales made , Product Commissions etc.

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