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Top 10 smartphones brands in India

Top 10 smartphones brands in India


The smartphone market in India is expanding and with that, many Indian smartphone manufacturers have grown up into big names in this industry. Brands like Micromax and Karbonn which were trying to have a name in this huge industry are now competing with the giants. Here we list down Top 10 popular smartphones brands in India .

The top 10 smartphone brands that are present in the Indian market.


Another Indian smartphone manufacturer that made huge progress with its android smartphones. Among the Indian manufacturers, this is quite an impressive one and has always served products competitive to Micromax and other manufacturers. However it isn’t as popular as Micromax. Still it occupies a major share of the market and its devices sell in impressive numbers. Just like Micromax, it is also climbing up the ladder from budget devices to mid-range and high end devices. Even after being just a spot below Micromax, it has a long way to go to be even close to it.


Lava has been quite successful in the market, especially with the Xolo brand they introduced. The association with Intel helped them a lot and they came up with some very impressive devices under the Xolo brand. This brand has also got a decent share in the market and manages to sell an impressive volume of devices. Like other Indian manufacturers, Lava is a strong player in the low and mid-range segment.


From a dying brand to every brand’s nightmare, Motorola has come a long way again. It used to be the giant long back but then things went south for Motorola. The brand got resurrected and gave us some really impressive smartphones like the Moto G. thanks to devices like the Moto G and Moto E, Motorola quickly rose up the popularity chart in India and other markets. They also sell the Moto X in Indian market which is an impressive high end device. Now the brand is owned by Lenovo.


This player from China made things tough for lot of manufacturers. Brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava were already having a tough time dealing with the budget devices introduced by Motorola and other major brands. In the middle of that, a Chinese manufacturer enters the market with high end devices at mid-range and low end prices, making even the Moto devices look overpriced and people go crazy about the new brand. Xiaomi sold its devices through flash sales and even after so many months of their entry in India, their devices go off the (online) shelf in seconds. They have moved up in terms of volumes internationally as well and they have already passed many major manufacturers.

Nokia/ Microsoft Mobile

Some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers were passed through different hands and Nokia was one of them. It has gone down miles but if someone is looking for windows phone devices, Microsoft Mobile is the vendor to go to. Microsoft Mobile is the renamed version of the mobile phone division of Nokia. They make some really impressive devices like Lumia 930, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 and are adding new devices to the line-up.


While other brands struggle to sell an impressive number of units to make decent profits, this manufacturers has played big with small numbers. In terms of value, they take a decent share of market even though they don’t sell a lot of devices. They have branded themselves as a premium offering and have generated a strong following. They recently introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for which they were picked on by different manufacturers as they mocked large screen devices earlier. Despite that, Apple devices continue to sell strong with each device generating huge profits to the manufacturer.


This device has been around for a long time but isn’t as successful as the other players in the game. No doubt it has made some very impressive devices recently like the LG G2 or G3 but there is nothing good at the lower end of the spectrum to keep the volumes high. The lack of a good budget device has caused trouble not only for LG but other manufacturers like Sony and HTC as well. LG also made the last two Nexus devices which also sold in impressive numbers in India and other markets.


Sony is also focussing a lot on the higher end of the spectrum while ignoring the budget segment. They have got quite impressive high end devices in its Xperia line-up. They keep releasing a new flagship device every six months to keep bringing something fresh to the table for the buyers. Apart from their flagship devices, they make very impressive compact versions of these devices. Unlike other manufacturers which water down the specifications in making a mini or compact version, Sony tends to retain everything from the flagship device in their compact device.


This manufacturer grew really fast from selling rebranded Chinese feature phones to selling high end smartphones, not only in India but in other markets as well. And it grew really big in terms of volumes and left many popular manufacturers behind. They got huge success in the budget segment and then they later started moving up the ladder to mid-range and high end devices. Association with some major brands also helped Micromax grow. They recently introduced a new brand Yu in the market to cater different audience.


Well there is no doubt this manufacturer has to take the top spot. It has seen many highs and lows but it continues to sell in impressive numbers and has held its spot despite the tough competition from new as well as well-established players. Even though they have been criticised heavily for making monotonous designs and plastic devices, their high end devices pack in lot of innovative features to set them apart from the competition. The Galaxy S series and the Note series are especially popular and now they are trying to change their character with some metal bodied devices coming in.

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Why Android Smartphone Hangs and Its Fix

Android Smartphone hangs and Its Solution

Why Android Smartphone Hangs and Its Fix
Smartphone has became one of the most essential and dominant gadget in our daily life, It has almost all the major feature of laptop with the handiness like never before. Wide list of features made us so addicted that we even can’t go anywhere without it.Nowadays's almost every single person you see in crowd have a smartphone in their pocket. It has made everything within your reach in just one click, From entertainment to learning almost everything can be done using smartphone. Although it has several advantages that made our life easy. Besides advantage there are several disadvantages also. Out of those one biggest android Smartphone flaws is hanging up while using smartphone. To fix android smartphone hanging and freezing issue, we need to understand it's cause.

Why Android Smartphone Hang?

Like every other electronic gadget, Smartphone also have their own limitation. Whether you own a brand new phone or old smartphone all the phone likely to get hangs. It has nothing to do with new or old android smart phone. If you run your Smartphone above its system capabilities or any apps consume all the system resource then for sure your android Smartphone will result in hang no matter how good your Smartphone is. Hanging in android Smartphone is just a matter of its system resources availability and amount of the system resources used. However, if your Smartphone hangs rarely the you don't need t worry too much this may due to temporary apps conflict etc. Moreover special attention is need for the phone having anonymously random hangs. It might occur due to over system resources use or due to any hardware issue. In this article we will be discussing about the major cause that make android or any other Smartphone go hang

Factor that Cause Android Smartphone Hang

Android Smartphone hangs either due to hardware malfunctioning or due to software problem. The worst case is hardware malfunction, it require professional knowledge to deal with it.If your mobile phone hardware is not working properly then you need to concert service center for it's solution.Here in this article we will try to state various reason that make android phone hang because you don't require any deep proportional knowledge to tackle android phone hang caused by software.

             In spite of the fact that there are many little to big factor that affect your smartphone functionality, but here we are focusing on major factor that cause smartphone freeze or hang.These are

#1 Internal memory might gone full, remove unwanted data to

No matter how much your internal memory is, if it is filled upto brim, your smartphone will freeze for sure this also due to reason that all the important os files and apps are installed in internal storage and it require atleast 25% of free internal space to work efficiently without lag. There is no alternate way in fixing lag then clearing internal memory. 

                 Do you mobile keep on saying " Phone internal memory low ". I bet your mobile  will be running like snail on sand. To sort this problem you need to make some space in your internal phone memory. We know that its hard to delete those important pic's , Document, video collection and wallpapers collection from your phone but to make your mobile run like before you need to make some space in phone space. Here are some ways by using which you can free your phone internal memory without deleting anything important from your mobile 

Clear Apps Temp Files

All the phone software,Os and apps installed in the internal memory and use major portion of the internal memory for proper functioning. As the time pass, these app's get stored with the temp file which are no longer need by the apps and consume large part of your phone internal storage as dump data.these data are no longer needed by any apps and can be cleared from your smartphone manually or using Cleaning apps.

Move large file to External storage memory.

For some smartphone user clearing temp data does not help at all because only few amount of internal memory can be recovered. there may be case when all of your temp file are already being cleared by clearing apps. Then you require the moving method to free up some of your internal memory. Just choose the large files like pics, movies, mp3, video files etc to your external memory card. This will help you to recover large internal space.

#2 External memory might gone full,Delete some to fix android hanging

If you talk about android phone external memory, it is the most populated storage space that contain's majority of entertaining files like .mp3 ,videos file and images files etc and even lot's more.Likewise internal memory, if the external memory gone full, your smartphone will start to slow down your phone performance like opening of apps, closing of apps, copy to memory card etc and even sometime cause phone to freeze or lag.To Fix lag caused due to external memory  you need to free up some of your phone external memory .Here are some ways to fix lag caused external memory.

Free up your Smartphone external memory.

Our Smartphone is always contain some of the file that are no longer need by us. these files store large space for no use at all so hunt these large files which are no longer need and remove it from your external file. Also check for the duplicate files that often created due to manual error. Also delete unwanted large files like movies, videos and Photos etc or transfer these files to other storage space like compact disk or in your pc.

Upgrade your smartphone external memory

Did you know, majority of smartphone have the facility to upgrade it's external storage. Although it have hardware limitation but you have option to upgrade your storing space to maximum of it's capacity. So, if you don't want to delete any data from your phone then rush to market and get your smartphone external storage spaced upgraded to it's maximum capacity .

#3 Too many Apps may be running in background 

Sometimes, even your mobile have enough of free internal and external memory storage space still your mobile  lag like hell often result in hang then be sure to check background running apps bu what these background running apps? While using phone we often forgot to close apps and start using other apps due to which unclosed apps get minimized and keep on using your android phone recourse  parallely. Since every mobile source have hardware limitation like processor, Ram etc So when the number of background running apps  draining your phone resources your hardware limitation you mobile gets Freeze and hangs.To avoid such problem follow these bellow steps 

Close your android phone Apps properly.

It's always wise choice to close your apps properly. It not only reduce the chance of getting your apps minimize in background but also it prevent your data form accidental loss due force and unsafe closing of apps.

#4 Uninstall heavy apps to fix android phone lag issue. 

Android phone without apps are good for nothing but having unwanted apps installed in your Smartphone only consume your system resource and cause phone to lag. Instead of letting these apps ruins your system resource, hunt them down and uninstalled them for your smartphone.If your smartphone have any heavy apps installed which on opening start to make your phone lag like hell then uninstall it. This will help you to recover some of the internal storage space and help reducing lag to large extent.

#5 Scan your android phone with antivirus

Tried all the above steps to cure your smartphone from freeze and hang. Probably your smartphone internal or external memory  got infected by viruses or worms. Scan your android phone internal and external memory with updated antivirus .If you don't have any antivirus installed make sure to buy one and get it installed in your smartphone.You may also scan your android smartphone with your computer pc antivirus by plugging it with USB and performing scan 

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How to Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 8.1

How to Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 8.1

Microsoft outlook

Microsoft outlook has become a too important part of today’s era that has totally given the new platform in the business world to do their business just only with the help of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft is basically used as the great email application that also include a task manager, calendar, notebook, contacts and web browsing which really advances your email application that is very much beneficial for the business person, so it is too important for everyone to be updated with the latest version of windows. So the Microsoft has presented the live mailing app style through which one can easily set up their email in window 8.1.

Window 8.1 has advances the mailing app that has made the users to manage and configure their email account of google, yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail, etc. and many other for multiple task, such as for sending and receiving mail, creating reminders, sharing and attaching various documents or links, network upgrading, online meetings and many other tasks.

So, if you do not want to go away from outlook as your email communication then you can easily set up your Microsoft outlook email with the smart version of Window 8.1 in a quite simple way. You just only have gone through the instruction as below:

Step by Step guide To Set Up Email in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 8.1

Step 1

Click over the window 8.1 mail app that seems as the mail icon on the home screen then Window Mail app gets open.

Step 2

If it is your first time that you are setting your mail then you will see the “Add an account option” over the screen. Click on “Add an account” then “outlook” and if you are not getting this option, then get the “Charms bar” by pressing combined “Window + C” with the keyboard. At the charms bar, click over “Settings” then “Accounts” and then “Add an account”.

Step 3

Now on the “Add an account” of outlook screen your email address and password is entered and then “Connect button” is clicked. Now your mail app takes some times to find an email server setting that automatically injects your email and password. If your email account successfully gets configure, then it will tend to click over “Finish button”.

Step 4

Now,after clicking “finish”your changes will be saved and now you can easily use your Outlook mail account. Now your mail app will automatically get connected with hotmail or many other mail contacts, that directly reach to the calendar apps and to the people that always keeps you updated from various social sites.

Step 5

In the case if your mail app does not complete your account configuration successfully, then it presents in front of you two options that are “What other things one need to know?” or keep your PC secure. So if you are facing the first option, then go through the instructions shown over your screen for changing the settings or to get more detail of your app and if you faces the second option then click over “Enforce these policies”.

Step 6

In the case if you wish to make your outlook setting more advance, then get “Charms bar” through step 2 process and then go to “settings” then go to “Accounts” and finally click your email account. Now you can change your settings and save them.

If you want to use the POP3, IMAP, HTTP or any other account, then always be alert that you enter correct server setting in your required field and if you faces any problem then you may contact your service provider of email to get the appropriate setting with the details of your email id.

So all the above steps are quite simple and the best procedure to set up your email in Microsoft outlook for Window 8.1 version through which you can easily keep yourself updated that is very much beneficial for an organization or an individuals to get super fast services with latest update.

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How to Become YouTube Partner .

How to Become YouTube Partner.

How to Become YouTube Partner.
YouTube partner program have lot more feature then simple uploading large duration video.It has touches the peak in the field of video streaming by introducing Live video stream.Now you can host your own live video streaming online. To enable this feature you need to participate in YouTube partner program by applying to it.There are lot more feature then just  live video broadcasting features like uploading HD video, Paid content and Custom video thumbs and lot more are still being added.

What? Do you think we left some important YouTube partner feature? What is it? No! How can we forgets most important feature of being YouTube partner. Almost majority of reader of this post heard about money making through YouTube videos. It's one the most alluring feature  of YouTube partner programs that allow you to make money out of your video by monetizing YouTube videos. However, It's not that easy to get accepted as YouTube partner. There are some of the criteria that would be fulfilled in order to became YouTube partner.These are 

YouTube Partner Program Requirements

YouTube had listed some handful of criteria that must be fulfilled by the YouTube account holder. To make it easy for you to understand what these criteria are? and what they actually means? We have listed all the YouTube Partner Program Requirements here with explanation.

#1 Minimum age requirement to become a YouTube partner .

The minimum age requirement to participate in AdSense program is 18 year old .So, You have to be over 18 to update your existing YouTube account to YouTube partner program .However, There is alternative way to upgrade your account to be YouTube partner program by linking your parent or elder's  approved Adsense account to your YouTube account .

#2 Your YouTube account must be in good standing.

Your account must be in good standing. It means that your account hasn't been previously disabled for monetizing. Your YouTube account should not have any copyright disputes,Content ID claims,Copyright strikes and infringement etc.

#3 Do YouTube partner program has launched in your country?

Youtube partner programs are now supported in and more than 60 countries. Make sure to check whether the YouTube partner program has launched in your country or not. Although its hard to list here all the YouTube partner program supported country however we tried to come up with almost major YouTube partner program supported country. Soon we will update them all.

List of Youtube partner supported Countries
Argentina Korea
Australia Malaysia
Austria Mexico
Belgium Netherlands
Brazil New Zealand
Canada Nigeria
Chile Norway
China Philippines
Colombia Poland
Czech Republic Russia
Denmark Singapore
Finland Slovenia
France South Africa
Germany Spain
Greece Sweden
Hong Kong Switzerland
India Taiwan
Indonesia Thailand
Ireland Turkey
Italy United States
Japan United Kingdom

#4 Your Adsense account hasn't previously been disabled for monetization.

For those who had adsense account disabled are not likely to accepted as YouTube partner because AdSense account is need for one of the YouTube partner feature. Either you should have new AdSense account or old  approved AdSense account for becoming youtube partner program

#5 Video must be unique original  and does not infringe any one copyright.

Most of the YouTube partner program application get's disapproved just because of  YouTube content policy violation , If your video contains any content that infringe anyone copyright or uploaded video contains video about Animal harassing, Adults content ,violence or any kind of harassment etc  then there would be no chance of getting YouTube partner program approved only video that suitable of family viewing are considered as YouTube partner friendly .So make sure to upload videos that are owned by you not the one which are owned by other. However, uploading creative commons video comply with YouTube partner programs

What You Can Do As YouTube partner or Creator

The People Psychology about YouTube Partner Program is limited to uploading unlimited duration videos whereas you can do lot more as a YouTube partner. By participating YouTube partner your acount get unlocks with really some of the cool feature that not only helps you to improves your overall YouTube experience but also make money out of it.YouTube Partner Program provides various features .

  • You can uploads unlimited number of Hd videos in longer duration( Greater then 15 minutes ) as compared to standard YouTube account

  • You can upload unlimited HD Video's you created.

  • You can appeal rejected Content ID disputes.

  • Being YouTube partner, You can Link Annotations to your website or merchandise website.
  • You can also customize your video thumbnail previews by upload custom thumbnail for your video and lots more .
  • You can earn money by monetizing your YouTube video to make money with Overlay in-video ads, True-view in-stream ads, Standard stream ads, Unskippable YouTube ads.
  • It allow you to stream live events on your YouTube channel.
  • You can enable paid subscription , Its only people who paid for your channel subscription can only view your videos.

Step By Step Guide To Become YouTube Partner

Having an Adsense account make's all the hard part already done. If you already have an Approved Adsense account then only thing you need to do is to fill and associating YouTube partner program by visiting this application form http://www.youtube.com/partners

However, If you don't have AdSense account then follow these step by step guide to became YouTube partner.

Create YouTube Account .

If you have already have one YouTube account then sign in to your YouTube account. Don't have YouTube account? No worries! Go to Google homepage, register your gmail account (you can access YouTube, Google+, and other Google services with a single gmail username and password.) to get your username.
( Learn to create google gmail account ). Then Go to YouTube homepage, click Sign in and create account.

Upload Video in YouTube .

Next step for unlocking YouTube partner program is to fulfill its basic requirement that is uploading video.Get some popular videos made by you, equipped them with the quine content that people love to see in your video and upload it. Upload atleast 10+ video so that you start getting views.If you already had uploaded videos and getting large number of views then proceed to next step .

Monetize your YouTube video

Actually, Monetize your YouTube video does lots of your work in becoming YouTube Partner. It helps YouTube to check whether your video worth becoming YouTube partner or not by analysis your YouTube videos for ads. It means more the popular your youtube channel more chance of  becoming YouTube Partner. All you need to do is to monetize your video for few days. Let YouTube show ads in your video for time being .

Apply for YouTube Partner Program .

If you full fill all above points then your are ready for applying YouTube partner program . Visit and fill all required genuine details at http://www.youtube.com/partners and forward your application for approval by accepting terms .
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Top 10 Popular Google Products.

Top 10 Google Products and Their uses

Top 10 Google Products and Their usesGoogle was founded by two genius computer scientist, Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 1998. Who though that these two simple looking people will build a huge Internet Success story. Even at the time of development of Google no one see any future of Google in this competitive  world but with their new idea, focus, outstanding computer knowledge, dedication hard work and most important approach they build something which you can't resist to use any single day. In recent year's Google have been building his own empire in field of internet. It have almost all the product that you need to boost up your internet experience as fun and informative. From simple internet search to uploading a video, from finding a location to translating language it has everything. Although you guys are already aware of popular Google products however we have made small research about top 10 Google product on basis of few basic criteria. In this article, we will discuss top 10 Popular Google product of all time.

Top 10 popular Google products list

We have made this top ten popular Google products list by considering various things like ease of use, features and number of users using Google product etc .In our countdown, we will be starting with Google product on 10 to 1. So have patience and enjoy our Top 10 google product listing . Lets get started

#10 Google AdSense and DoubleClick

Did you know, You can make money with advertisement just like tv channel make money by showing ads on Tv, Similarly in website world you can make money by showing advertisement ads on your website or blog. The only one Google product that allow webmaster to make money without any investment is Google Adsense and second is Doubleclick This Google product is most popular among people having a website and youtube account and helps webmaster to make money by simply showing ads on a website.To get started making money with adsense you need to create Google Adsense account , get code and paste in your website homepage or pages etc.

#9  Google translate

When you need to translate  languages online, only one name pop-up in our mind that's non other then one of the popular language translating Google product known as Google translator .in recent year it has became part of our life we use mostly for learning , understanding new language. Recently Google translator made translating more easy by launching Google translator apps .Now you can Translate any of the 90 supported lanugage with easy.It's popularity and large number of user  made Google translator as 9th most used Google product in our list 

#8 Google Finance

People around the world always dreams to make huge quick money in stock market but dreams are confined to dreams only if you don't work hard for it with proper knowledge and awareness about stock market .Google Finance is one of only finance related Google product that makes their dream a success by offering people a real time stock quotes, real time stock charts, financial news withing one click reach .There are lot's more feature in Googlefinance to boost you finance knowledge and practice.We have placed this google product in top 10 Google product list because majority of world population who participate in trading use this Google product.

#7 Google play

Mobile Phone have became part of our daily routine, In recent year craze of having smart phone had attracted lots of mobile, gadgets company. Now almost 80% of world population have smartphone .You can see the streets filled with Zombies, lol!! Just kidding pal. By word zombies here we means people with smartphone.What makes smartphone so popular? it's Apps that make smartphone a zombie maker machine :P. The Google play is the Android Market that acts as Google official store and portal for Android apps, games. Almost Billions of people use google play to look for the apps.

#6 Blogger

Google Blogger need no introduction, It is also known by well know name know as blogspot. Google Blogger, is free blogging platform owned by google inc for people to create their blog for free. It's overwhelming blogging feature make blogging sky high popularity among bloggers.But what actually makes Blogger so popular among people is its user friendly design, post editor and ability to monetize your blog content.Till now there are almost billions of blog are active and still counting without concern about downtime .So, In our top Google product, we have decided to put Google blogger product as on number 6.

#5 Google+

If you have sharp memory then you might know about " Orkut " the popular social networking site which got retire on June 30, 2014, The main reason behind it's retirement is still mystery but rumor says Facebook popularity eats up Orkut.It was seems that Google had loosen it's grip over social networking sites they need Brand new concept over social networking site, So they worked with their top developer to build a brand new concept of social networking site. After Facebook and twitter, Google+ is the third most popular social networking site .The main reason for putting google+ on our list is that google+ connectivity on some of popular products like youtube, blogger etc make's it more dependable but useful also. It brand new concept of social networking made it popular .Now almost every google account holder have google+ account that's why it have more user then any other above listed  google product.

#4 Google Map

Google Map is the worlds first desktop and mobile web mapping service which is available for public. It allow people to search for the direction, get map view of the earth in various mode like satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives etc .Best thing about Google map is the ability to plan your route and distance with ease.All you have to do is to download Google map in your mobile and get started planning your route.

#3 Gmail

Gmail is one of world best free mailing service ever made,It's damn easy to create gmail account. On daily basis Billion's of people log-in to their email account for reading mails and sending mail's. their fast emailing service, Attachment and spam protection bound their existing user. According to number's . Less then half of the world population uses Gmail product for sending and receiving emails on daily basis .It is the worlds most used free and user friendly emailing service ever available for people till now. In our list, Gmail stands under top 3 must use Google product.

#2 Youtube

Did you know YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion from three Paypal former employee.Which is now became world most visited and popular google website .It is better know as Video hub where thousands+ hours of video on various category uploaded every seconds. Whether you are Youtube video uploader or simple audience. Youtube have basket full of entertainment video for everyone. Viewer get's entertain themselves while the video uploader gets money. If you ask any internet freak where do they hangout mostly in thier spare time they will Shout it loud that's " Youtube " .

#1 Google Search

This Google product need no introduction, almost more then half of world use Google search engine to search the internet daily. By using Google search engine you can search webpage, Images, book,maps books and apps almost anythings that exist on internet. Google search makes web searching more relevant by using various Google search algorithm updates. Image search is equipped with filter by using which you may search images in custom size and dimension, etc .In one word, Google search is best Google product that has been used by billions of people with ease .
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How to Create Gmail Account Step by Step

How to create gmail account


About Gmail

Gmail is world most popular free web mail service provided by Google . Actually it is free webmail server which allow there user to store upto 10 gb of data for free ,Gmail make revenue by montising Gmail website by showing some ads unit in user gmail account , Gmail Provides free storage upto 10 GB , however if you require more storage space then you can also upgrade your storing capacity by purchasing storage space from Google .

Follow these Steps to create New Google Account.

Step 1 : Open your web browser and type www.google.com . As shown in below given Image. [Some of the popular  web Browsers are :Opera , Internet Explorer , Google chrome , Mozilla,Firefox etc ] . ( Fastest way to create google account : https://accounts.google.com/NewAccount )

Create a new Google Account

Figure 1.1

Step 2 :  Click on "Gmail " located at the top as shown in Figure 1.2 or click on  https://mail.google.com  . (  Refer Figure 1.2 ) .

Create a new gmail Account

Figure 1.2

Step 3 : When you click on Gmail , a new window will appear with an option to " CREATE AN ACCOUNT " in red color at top of Gmail login window  as shown in Figure 1.3 , to make a new gmail account click on " CREATE AN ACCOUNT

Create new Google email id

Figure 1.3

Step 4 : Enter your  detail  such as  
  • " First Name "  " Last name " ( Ex : Surname ) 
  • " Username ( Example : username@gmail.com)
  • "Create a password " (Example : combination of number ,letters,Special sign etc)
  • "Confirm your password "  Note : " Enter same password which you have entered in Create a password )" 
  • " Your current email address" (Note :Your other active email id  )
  • "Type the two pieces of text:" and click on Next Step . Sometime you need to Verify your account using Phone or message .Verify your mail To make your Gamil account active , once you successfully verified your gamil account , you can login to you gamil account By entering Sign-in credential at mail.google.com 
Create new gmail id

Figure 1.4

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How To Embed Youtube Video In Blogger Blog

How To Embed Youtube Video In A Blogger Blog

YouTube have all the feature's needed to promote videos on social networking website, micro blogging sites with the help of share button which is available below every YouTube video.What when you want to embed your YouTube video on website/blog? 

YouTube have made this possible too by letting their audience to embed video directly to their blog or website. However to Embed video in your website or blog you need to have access to html code session of a  website or must have third party html editor. So if you have access to html editior then it would be damn easy to embed any YouTube video.When it comes to free blogging platform, only one blogging platform allow their user to access the html section . Its non other then Google Blogger that allow their user to embed any YouTube video directly to blog post or on blog with the help of html widget .Now the Question is how to embed YouTube video in your blog .In this article we will show you the step by step guide to embed youTube video in a blogger blog .

Steps To Embed Youtube Video In A Blogger Blog

Step 1 : Go to YouTube Homepage ,Use YouTube search engine to find the video you want to embed in your blog .
       For example : We would like to embed YouTube video of baby in our blog, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OZwqmK9SXQ 
Popular Youtube video of baby
Search YouTube video you want to embed

Step 2 : Wait for video to start playing little bit. Now, Scroll down  a little bit, Below the YouTube video you will see the Share icon? Click on it

Popular Youtube video of baby
Scroll down , and Click on Share icon below the youtube video

Step 3 : When you click Share, Three major sharing option will pop up that is Share, Embed and Email. Out of those, click on Embed .

Popular Youtube video of baby
Click Embed

Step 4 : Copy full Youtube video embed code.

Popular Youtube video of baby

Step 5 : Now there are two ways to add YouTube video on your blogger blog. We will be discussing both the way to embed video in your blogger blog

Adding YouTube Video in blogger Gadget

If you want your YouTube video to appear on every  post and pages of your blogger blog then just copy and paste embed code to blogger gadget.To get started adding your YouTube video in your blogger blog follow these step by step guide .

Step1: Open your Blogger dashboard, Select blog by clicking on it. Go to layout Option

 Embed Youtube Video In Blogger Blog
Click Layout

Step2: Now click on " Add a Gadget "

 Embed Youtube Video In Blogger Blog
Click Add a Gadget

Step3: Scroll down, Find the " HTML/JavaScript " and click on it

 Embed Youtube Video In Blogger Blog
Click HTML/JaveScript

Step4: Paste the Embed code of desired YouTube video in " Html/javaScript" and click save. 

 Embed Youtube Video In Blogger Blog
Paste YouTube video Embed code

Congrats! you have finished adding YouTube video to your blogger blog

Adding YouTube Video in blogger Post

You can also add YouTube video to blogger post by using blogger post editor known as  " Insert a Video ". By using this option you can upload video directly to your YouTube account and On blogger post. However this option to insert video in your blog post is good when you have your own video to upload directly to your YouTube account. To Embed any other video  in your blog post, embed code for that youtube video is required .In given below steps, we will show you step by step guide to add YouTube video embed code in your blog post

Step1: Go to Youtube.com , Search for the video you want to add in your post and get it's Embed code as we already discussed .

Step2: Go to your blogger dashboard , Select the blog and open the post in which you want to add Youtube video embed code .

Step3: Now, From the Blogger post. Cick on Html and paste your YouTube video embed code after </div> .

 Embed Youtube Video In Blogger Blog

Congrats ! you have learnt the easy way to embed youtube video in your blogger blog post .
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How to Add Coupon Code To Godaddy Shopping cart.

How to Apply Godaddy coupon code

GOdaddy.com promote there product by offering there customer with variety of  money saving coupon codes and promo codes. These all are companies marketing strategy to draw customer from high competitive market which actually serve as mutual benefit for their customer as well as Go-daddy itself. As a result, Godaddy Customer get huge benefit with quality service. If you are new customer of Godaddy then you will be exited to know that Godaddy have almost 80% off on there Annual web hosting plans and even you may get free .com domain name.To  best utilize GoDaddy coupon code you must take time to explorer best working coupon code for your Godaddy or visit our Godaddy Coupon code  page.

                                  Godaddy have varity of money saving coupon for  product like web hosting, domain name registration etc because Godaddy take there first customer as long term potential customer that's why they have special saving coupon for there new customer. If you already don't have godaddy coupons code then take a time to best save your money using our Goaddy coupon code 2015 .However if you have your own godaddy code and looking for a way to add your coupon code to godaddy shopping cart then you are landed on right page.In this article we will be showing you easy way to add Godaddy coupon code to your shopping cart .

Steps to apply coupon code to Godaddy Shopping cart

Before Getting started with adding Godaddy coupon in your shopping cart make sure to clear your browsing data so that accidental saved Coupon will get removed . Now follow the step by step guide to add  coupons and promo codes to Godaddy shopping cart

Step 1: Go to and select the product you want to purchase like Web hosting plan, Domain name, Seo Service etc .

Godaddy Homepage
Godaddy Homepage

Step 2: Now fill your shopping cart with godaddy products you like to purchase .

Add Godaddy Product to Cart
Add Godaddy Product to Cart
Step 3: Once you done Adding product to your Godaddy shopping cart then go to extreme top right of Godaddy page and hit  Checkout Now .

Checkout Now
Click Checkout Now
Step 4: Under " Review your current order " page , Scroll down and click on " Have a Promo Code? " enter your coupon code and apply .Congrats you have added your Godaddy coupon code in shopping cart . If you don't have coupon code then feel free to see our working Godaddy coupon and promo code 2015

Promo code
Promo code

Please make sure to review your shopping cart to check the saving amount before proceed to checkout. hope you like our article .Feel free to follow, like on social site and subscribe us 
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How To Backup Your Blogger Template.

How to Backup Your Blogger Blog Template

How to Backup blogger template
The Best thing about blogger platform is that you can customize your blog template layout, background, colors, fonts etc and most important feature which make blogger blogging platform above all other free blogging platform is the option to edit your template html code . Template html editing allow you to transform your blog layout and design to exceptional template depending upon one webdesign and coding skills. No matter how professional html coder your , It always a wise choice to backup your blogger template before making changes to your template. 

                     One small bad editing in template will ruin your whole work. So make sure to backup your template code so that you may recover your original template in case of template error. But the question is how to backup your blog template in blogger? In this article we will helping you to backup your blogger template with easy .

Step to Backup Your Blogger Blog Template

To create backup of your blogger template. follow these step by step guide

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard

Go to www.blogger.com, Sign-in to your blogger dashboard.

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
to your blogger dashboard

Step 2: Choose blog for backup

From your blogger dashboard click on the blog you want to make backup of .

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Choose blog for backup 

Step 3: Click on blogger Template 

 At the extreme left bottom corner. Did you see Template label, Click on it. See below figure .

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Click on Template

Step 4: Click backup/restore

Under Template, Click on backup/restore button which appears at extreme right top corner .See figure below for reference .

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Click on Backup/Restore

Step 5: Download template backup

When you click on  backup/restore button, Small new template Backup/Restore window will appear . Click on Download template

 Backup Your Blogger Template.
Download full Template
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Godaddy Coupon Code 2017 Get 85% to 95%Off coupons

Godaddy Coupon Code

Godaddy Coupon CodeLooking for complete web hosting solution to make your website online, Why not go for world top most web hosting companies ie. Godaddy.com, It not only offer's the world most cheapest domain name as compared to other domain registrar but also powerful web hosting solution. Godaddy has world largest domain name under management, this is only possible for company provide cheap renewal charges and best customer support. From the simple domain name registration to website design , from cheap website builder to powerful web hosting it has almost all the product that are need to make website online 24/7 . No doubt, you landed on this page for godaddy coupon code. you will amazed to know that every  months godaddy launch promo code for there new as well as old customers. In 2015, Godaddy have come up with these given below coupon code in web hosting, domain registration ,Seo services and renewal etc .you can apply these coupon by clicking on Apply coupon .

How to Apply Godaddy coupon code

If you have your own best saving coupon code and looking for a way to add in your GoDaddy shopping cart then here is the way by suing which you can add your own GoDaddy coupon code directly to shopping cart.

  • All you need to do is to delete browsing data so that all the previous stored coupon code and promo code get erased, 
  • Now go to Godaddy Homepage ie do the shopping like selecting domain name , choosing hosting plans etc and click on continue on cart . 
  • Under " Review your current order " page scrooll down and Click on " Have a Promo Code " and enter the promo code. Make sure to check your total saving, It will show you an amount you saved and total cost.
  • When you are ready for payment then click on proceed to checkout and do Billing & payment, place order and start enjoying the go daddy product.
To Add GoDaddy coupon directly to Shopping Cart, Click on the below Given GoDaddy Coupons codes.

GoDaddy Coupon Code For Shared webhosting

Go daddy Shared Web hosting plan is good for uploading your own website script like word press , forum script etc, In shared web hosting, you will get your own cpannel by using which you may upload our own Scripts, Install scripts from Apps, Control your database, files etc .With every 12 month new web hosting plan you get free top level domain name free. Below are the list of best saving coupon codes .

GoDaddy Shared Web hosting coupon
Hosting Plans Economy(Basic) Deluxe(Medium) Ultimate Plus(Top)
Best for Hosting one website like blog script, forum etc Best for hosting multiple websites like websites and Largen number of forum Secure and Fastes business webistes
Original Prize $6.99/month $8.99/month $14.99/month
Applying Coupon pay only $ 1.00/month $ 4.99/month $7.99/month
Total Coupon Discount in % SAVE 85% SAVE 45% SAVE 50%

Godaddy Economy Web hosting

Godaddy Economy web hosting is the best option  for hosting Personal website like blogs etc, The biggest drawback of this hosting plan is that you get too limited Resources that is only good for hosting one website . If you are looking for creating personal website with cheap monthly plan then this Go daddy Economy web hosting plan is best suit for you . You may also save 85% on  Go daddy Economy web hosting by applying our Godady coupon code.

Coupon code ( )     71.88% off on Godaddy economy web hosting plan
AR - 30% off new products!
With this coupon code you can save $71.88 and one year free .com .net or .org top level domain name completely free. this coupon code is valid for Annual hosting purchase. 
How much you have to pay?
By applying this coupon code you save $71.88 and get 12-month economy hosting plan for only $12 along with free top level domain name

Godaddy Deluxe Web hosting

Godaddy deluxe web hosting plan is designed to get started with small business site online, with GoDaddy deluxe web hosting plan you can upload any number of website and you have lots more feature then Godaddy economy plan .If you are looking to get started with Business online with cheap rate then this GoDaddy deluxe plan is best choice .You can also save 45% off on the Godady deluxe hosting plan by applying our GoDaddy Promo code.

Coupon code ( )    45% off on Godaddy deluxe web hosting plan
AR - 30% off new products!
By using this coupon code you get up to 45% off on every yearly deluxe hosting plan and get 1-year top level domain name registration  completely free 
How much you have to pay?
You save $54 and get 12-month deluxe hosting plan only for $53.88 

Godaddy Ultimate Plus Web hosting

Godaddy Ultimate Plus web hosting plan is the top most web hosting plan offered by GoDaddy, It is best choice to make secure and fast business website without any interruption  .you may host any number of website, Large database and lots more feature as compare to deluxe web hosting plan .By using our GoDaddy coupon you can save up to 50% and with annual hosting plan you get 10$ worth .com domain name free .

Coupon code ( )    50% off on Godaddy Ultimate web hosting plan
AR - 30% off new products!
With this coupon code you get 50% off and one year free .com .net or .org top level domain name completely free. this coupon code is valid for Annual hosting purchase. 
How much you have to pay?
You save $159.99 and get 12-month deluxe hosting plan for only $89.88 along with free top level domain name

Website Builder with Free domain coupon code

A website builder allows you to create your own professional website without any technical skills, Only you need to do is to purchase the Web Hosting plan, Use website builder to create your website using hundred of customization designs. The website builder is good for creating simple web page based website.

GoDaddy Website Builder Coupon
Hosting Plans Personal Business Business Plus
Suits for personal websites for small businesses websites For your growing business needs
Original Prize $5.99/month $9.99/month $14.99/month
Coupon Discount in % SAVE 83% SAVE 40% SAVE 26%
Applying Coupon pay only $ 1.00/month $ 5.99/month $ 10.99/month

Personal Website builder

Personal website builder hosting plan is best for creating a small personal website by using website Builder, with Persona website builder hosting plan you will be able to host only one website and have access to only limited design for creating your website. You can host a website using website builder only. If you only wish to create presence over the web then this website builder hosting plan is best for you. You can save up to 83% on personal Website builder plan and with every annual hosting plan you will get .com domain name worth $10.00 free by applying our GoDaddy coupon code.

Coupon code ( )    83% off on Godaddy Personal Website Builder
AR - 30% off new products!
With this coupon code you get 83% off and one year free .com .net or .org top level domain name completely free. this coupon code is valid for Annual hosting purchase. 
How much you have to pay?
You save $59.88 with annual plan and  have to pay only $12 along with free top level domain name

Business Website builder

Business website builder plan is good for making more than presence you can hose unlimited web pages. With this website builder hosting plan you can create professional website design without any Technical knowledge.Only you have to do is to use web site builder and 300 business and personal themes to design your website. Get 40% to  off on annual business website builder hosting plan

Coupon code ( )    40% Off  on Annual business website builder plan
AR - 30% off new products!
Get maximum of  40% off on Annual hosting purchase and one year free .com .net or .org top level domain name completely free.
How much you have to pay?
Save $48.00 on annual business website plans and  free top level domain name only for $71.88

Business plus Website builder

Business website builder plan is the top most website builder plan which comes with all the features of business and has the additional powerful feature like large web hosting space ,bandwidth and search engine optimization. You can save up to 26% to 90% with our Godaddy website builder coupon code.

Coupon code ( )    89.31% Off on Annual  business plus website builder  plan
AR - 30% off new products!
With this coupon code, you can get 89.31% off  along with free .com .net or .org top level domain name with every Annual hosting plan 
How much you have to pay?
You save $117.99 with annual plan just for $131.88 with free top level domain name

WordPress hosting coupon code

Coupon code ( )     71.88% off on Godaddy economy web hosting plan
AR - 30% off new products!
With this coupon code you can save $71.88 and one year free .com .net or .org toplevel domain name completely free . this coupon code is valid for Annual hosting purchase. 
How much you have to pay ?
By applying this coupon code you save $71.88 and get 12 month economy hosting plan for only $12 along with free top level domain name
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