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About Shoutingblogger

What is Shouting blogger ?


About Shoutingblogger

Shouting blogger is the Privately owned blog, came into existence in the internet blogging world on 1/March/2012 in Raw form ,  It is owned and operated by the Technology blogger " Nitin Singh Thakur" , launched publicly on very special occasion of shoutingblogger's owner birthday that is 21/March/2012 . There is long history behind the development of the shouting blogger, Soon we will come up with the Full story . Let me give you short intro about the shouting blogger development story . The concept for developing Shouting blogger was laid first in 2010 , but due to lack of knowledge about the the internet Copyright terminology and financial aid the project for developing a blogger is dropped till 1/march/2012 . 

Shoutingblogger.com First logo design
      Name Of Character : Mr.Shouter.

      Created By:              Nitin Singh Thakur

      Owned By:                Nitin Singh Thakur 

      Legal Owner:            Nitin Singh Thakur

What is the motive of shouting blogger

The shouting blogger was launched to provide informative and helpful information for their audience . During this period shouting blogger gained lots of popularity and appreciation in the internet world, Even it's touched the alexa ranking of 48,000 in the world and 8,000 Rank in India although Shouting blogger is gaining popularity, however there are lots of improvement was required to make it professional blog ,still something is missing to make it more helpful that's is the lack of English knowledge for communication, the owner of Shoutingblogger ( Nitin Singh Thakur ) Decided to make it more useful for the audience  that's why he decided to learn and command over English. He like to proof read his own post and guest post to make easy to understand for audience of all age group of people and people of different Country,  the blog is almost deserted from the fresh content during 2013. But , In September, 2014 Shouting blogger revive itself to deliver fresh and useful content to the Internet user  in various niche such as Money making , Web hosting , Reviews , Trading , Top Ten list , Blogging , Technology ,Reviews etc

Story Behind This Shouting blogger Character.

I took 10 minute break for refreshment after studying for my gate exam ,During those refreshment time I was randomly drawing figures All around my rough copy and decided to make any disney character which i found out  my rough copy front page ,After making That Cartoon Character i was thinking to make something new figure ,i started Framing Figures in my mind and after thinking for few minute ,i got figure on my mind so I sketched that image to my page and i got this Cool Character,I named this character as " Mr.Shouter " because this sound's cool name. 

Kids Reaction About this Character.

I was amazed to see Kids Reaction for this Character .They genuinely love this character .Those Kids really like Mr.Shouter ,I was Very happy to see Kids Smile's due to " Mr.Shouter "

Above cartoon character is know as Mr.Funkyshouter .You are free to share this wallpapers for non commercial use .Make sure to include Ownership as Blog Owner Shoutingblogger.blogspot.com Desined/Discoverd by Nitin Singh thakur. 

We will be adding more Mr. Shouter cartoon Character and Miss Shouter cartoon Character Soon

** You can also buy this Character for commercial use Cartoon Tv Serials / Cartoon movies ( 10,000$- 1,00,000$ + ) * Credit for making this Character will be owned By Our blog itself however its all about agreement . We will also provide you with 3d model of these character .If you are interested then Contact Us .

Terms Of Using this Image /Character: You Are not allowed to use This Image for Commercial Purpose without Written Permission By Nitin Singh Thakur . Do Not Claim it As your Own creation .However you can Share this Image with giving proper Credits to owner Of this Character called Mr.Shouter Nitin Singh Thakur .To use this Wallpaper include Ownership as Blog Owner Www.Shoutingblogger.com Desined/Discoverd by Nitin Singh thakur

**if you want to Share this pic in website /blog/ forum, make sure to include this Post URL () as Source


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