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5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Web Host

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Web Host


The future well-being of your website depends on many things, not the least of which being the web host you choose. Although it is possible to relocate it if things go awry, it is always better to make the right decision from the outset.

Five factor to Consider when Choosing a Web Host

Here are 5 factors that you should take into account to make an informed decision and be certain that you get what you expect, not what you are promised.

1. Price

There is a world of difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘dirt cheap’. While low prices may be the result of better organization of business process, efficiency or willingness to best competitors, price which is way lower than average is probably not a good sign. Businesses just don’t work at a loss for themselves – if the price is ridiculously low, there is always a catch. Absent or outsourced customer support, poor and unstable hardware, lack of necessary features – just to name a few. Look for reasonably cheap shared hosting, but don’t go running after suspiciously low prices.

2. Customer Support

Sooner or later you will have to deal with customer support, and the effectiveness of its work will determine how well your own website is going to function. Check the host’s reputation and feedback in what concerns customer support, see how many ways to contact them there are and whether it is 24/7. See if customer support is outsourced, take a look at how much attention is paid to it in the company’s sales pitch.

3. Additional Features

There is much more to a host than just server space. So take a careful look at what it has to offer and try to understand what is special about this particular company? It may be virtually anything: regular backups, multiple data centers, free domain registration, money back guarantees, unlimited FTP accounts or something else entirely. Thus, when choosing a web host, don’t just compare the number of domains and disc space – take a closer look and you will probably understand why different services differ in prices.

4. Hardware

If you are not a specialist, you will probably have to do a bit of research before you can make a reasonable decision in this sphere, but trust us: it will pay off in the long run. What kind of machines your web host uses is of utmost importance: hardware affects the performance of their servers and your website, sometimes drastically, and you don’t want your site to be located on some old piece of junk.

5. Plans for the Future

What are your plans for the future of your site? Will the host you choose now be able to accommodate for your growing requirements? Such things are best considered before you make the final choice, because it will save you a lot of trouble, effort and energy later.

The choice of web hosting is a very responsible task that shouldn't be approached lightly. We hope that this list of factors to consider will help you make a reasonable choice when the time comes.

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HAXM - How to use it for speeding up Android Emulators

HAXM - How to use it for speeding up Android Emulators?

HAXMThe constantly growing demand for Android applications has motivated developers to come up with apps that can cater to a wide range of purposes. Fortunately, we have the Android SDK(Software Development Kit) which includes the very handy virtual mobile device emulator that allows you to prototype, develop and test applications without the need for any physical device. However, even the very popular Google Android Emulators tend to be quite slow when it comes to overall usability. It is here that the significance of Intel HAXM Drivers comes to play. Serving as accelerators of Android emulators, these HAXM drivers are free and easy to use. Keep on reading this blog to find more about the usage of HAXM drivers for pacing up the Android Emulators

Understanding the role of Emulators

Understanding the role of Emulators

Before discussing about the concept of speeding up Android emulators using HAXM, it is vital for you to gather a detailed overview on the significance of these emulators. Well, these emulators actually mimic all the software and hardware features of your mobile device(excluding the capability of making real-time phone calls to different contacts within the device's phone book). Thus, you can gain access to a suite of control keys, navigation links/buttons that can be efficiently used for generating events for your application. The best part of using an emulator is that you're provided with a screen where you can see all the activities that are being performed for the chosen app and also a lot of other apps with an 'active' status. 
 let me walk
Now, let me walk you through the steps that mark the usage of HAXM(Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) for speeding up Android Emulators

Step 1- Install and launch Xamarin Studio

For this, all you need to do is simply go to the 'Tools' menu  and choose 'Android SDK Manager'. Here, ensure that the x86 Atom System Image has been installed without fail. If you find it missing, opt for installing it by agreeing to the appropriate license. Before proceeding to the next step, make it a point to close any Android Virtual Devices that might be running.  

Step 2- Set up HAXM Virtualization engine

Now, go to Intel's official website and opt for downloading the latest version of HAXM Virtualization engine. Unless you are running the Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or Windows 8.1, you can directly download HAXM virtualization engine using the links: HAXM hotfix for OS X 10.9 and HAXM hotfix for Windows 8.1. Once you're done with the download process, install the HAXM engine by following the dialogs. 

Step 3- Create an x86 Android Virtual Device, if you don't have one

 x86 Android Virtual Device

If you don't have an x86 Android Virtual Device, opt for creating one using the Android Virtual Device Manager which is accessible in Xamarin Studio. You just need to go to Xamarin Studio-> Tools menu-> Open Android Emulator Management and use the below mentioned template:

Step 4- Start the created x86 Android Virtual Device

Now that you have an Android Virtual Device defined in your Virtual Device Manager, choose to launch it by adjusting the launching options. Within multiple seconds, you'll be able to see your Android Virtual Device running at an improved speed.  

Step 5- Deploy the project

Now, using the Xamarin Studio, simply deploy the project and choose the newly created x86 Android virtual device. 

PS- 1. If you're using Visual Studio, then you can simply set the project to support the newly created x86 Android Virtual Device. For this, you need to select the x86 checkbox available under Project-> Properties-> Application-> Supported Architectures. A screen shot for the same is displayed below:

Deploy the project

2. In case of Xamarin Studio, while using Configuration: Debug, the list of supported ABIs will be displayed as greyed out. In case of testing a Release Configuration, you need to ensure that the x86 checkbox available under Options-> Build-> Android Build-> Advanced has been ticked.

Wrapping Up

Emulators have truly served as helpful tools for Android app developers who're involved in delivering high-performing Android applications. If you too want to make the most of your Android emulator, its highly befitting to use HAXM(Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) which will boost up its speed and allow you to develop and test your apps with complete ease and proficiency. 

About Author
Victoria Brinsley is a veteran Android programmer by profession for Appsted Ltd – a reputed 
Android app development company in India. In case, you are willing to avail Android developer for hire, feel free to contact her for your related queries

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5 Best Personal Assistant Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone

5 Best Personal Assistant Smartphone Apps 

Personal Assistant Apps

Celebrities are not the only ones that need a personal assistant. We also come across various day to day scenarios where we would’ve wished for one of our own, but the thing is, most of us cannot afford keeping one.

However, if you have a smart phone, the problem is more than solved. Many smartphone applications out there fill the void of a personal assistant and serve you pretty well.

The mere idea of substituting an actual human with a smart phone might sound outrageous at the start, but once you get the hang of it, this could be a lot of fun.

Knowing the best application for the purpose could be a bit tricky, but look no further if you are stuck in that confusion.

Best 5 Personal Assistant Smartphone Apps

Google Now

You know it’s a good product when you see ‘Google’ as part of the name and Google Now is no different. Designed for both iOS and Android, the application is marketed as an intelligent, personal assistant by Google and it has all the right to be marketed so.

It comes with some handy Geo-triggered reminders. It also had the ability to store the boarding passes of airlines. The ability to work in the Google Chrome browser on PCs is another big advantage of Google Now, while the bar code scanning and song recognition are useful add-ons. 

Dragon Go

Well, this might probably the best speech recognition application out there. It certainly doesn’t reach to the standard of the Google Now application, but the dictation part makes it stand out from the others apps on the list.

It is known to be having a better recognition than Siri while the possible synchronization options with iTunes and Netflix makes it more versatile.


This one is probably for all the Batman fans out there. We all know how helpful Robin has been to Batman throughout the stories and that is the basic purpose of naming the app.

It checks out directions and cheap parking spots while having impressive voice recognition. Hands free messaging is also a big plus point for Robin. The process of delivering news from the newsroom is another big advantage for anyone who might wonder why Robin is dubbed as the challenger for Siri.


Speech recognition of Vokul might not be as good as the other names in the list, but when it comes to voice control, Vokul beats everyone. It has a state of the art hands free experience which can also work in some of the noisiest environments possible.

It has the ability to read out your social media feeds in style along with being able to fast forward to your favorite part of the song. Activation of Vokul is yet another impressive thing, as it could be activated by just saying ‘hey vokul’.

To make the choice more obvious, Vokul is the only 100 percent voice recognition app out there, so all those people lazy enough to type and click will find vokul and its interface perfect.


24me should be the pick for everyone who enjoys free application. This is a pretty straight forward and easy to use application that prides itself for the simple interface.

24me basically couples all those tasks out there with the calendar and allows you to easily share content and updates with all your friends. The recent edition of 24me is also available for all those Android users out there. The android version also enables synchronizing with various other apps like Facebook which in turn makes sure that none of the updates are given a miss.
About Author
Evelyn Golston is working in customer service industry and she has been working in IT field for over 12 years. Her interests include writing short stories, blogs etc

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How to Reduce Page Load Time

How To Reducing Page load Time

Everything you see in a website has to be loaded in your browser like all the content of the website like images , scripts , the whole webpage is to be loaded in your computer before making it available for the your web browser. Another important factor that affect the website loading time is request and response time of the scripts. These are  the main reason behind the website loading time,  If you blog or a website is taking long time to load on a web browser then its just your blog Scripts, Errors, Bad coding  and content size etc are making your website heavy .In this article we will help you to reduce your blog loading time by fixing potential useless content of website without compromising website important elements. Before proceeding with the tips to reduce page load time make sure to backup your blog template and content, If you are newbie in web design field then learn basic uploading template, editing html , or try your all the given below tips on test blog or website first.

Tips to Reduce website load time.

Almost, there are hundreds of factor that count towards webpage load time, but here we will be focusing on the major factor affecting website page loading time drastically.

Switch to Fast Web host.

Do you know a server response time is the important factor that effect website loading speed .If you website is giving a large server response time and randomly 503 error then this is the best time to choose a good web host providing good server response. By upgrading to good web host , not only your blog loading speed will improve  but it also helps in fixing 503 error etc. Sometime all your need to upgrade your hosting plan rather then switching your web host company so make sure to do bit research about your website and web hosting plans .

Remove unwanted Scripts.

Java scripts are used in a website to make it more of users friendly and interactive but sometime the excess use of java script will make your website heavy. If you website loaded with useless java script then  just cut down those java scripts this will help improving website loading time by good percentage .

Avoid landing page redirects.

Landing page redirects has minor impact on the loading speed of a website. The landing page redirects occurs when your website having chain of redirecting url for example


This can be fixed only if your website is using responsive design because in the responsive design domain name remains same and does not initiate chain of redirecting url. However if you have many url in your website redirecting then avoid them .this could have negative impact of website seo and your website audience.

Minify HTML

While designing a website, The designer use’s code comments, code formatting to make coding process easy at the time of development and for bug recovery. However some of the codes like this are not useful and does not contribute anything in the making of the website and make’s html size lengthy effecting the loading time of a website. Even use of of shorter variable and function names can increase loading time of milliseconds. By fixing this factor one can improve loading time to sufficient amount. But it’s not a kid play to minify html by non html educate. However there are plenty of good website that allow you to minify html just like image compression online only you have to do is to copy your html code and minify html code .

Optimize images

Image size directly affect the loading time of a web page. A webpage having  large size image more likely to take more time to load on browser as compare to the small size images .So it's always better to use less size image . No doubt, the less size reduces the quality of the image so it's better to upload images in jpeg, or png format etc and also by optimizing image dimension can help lower your website page load time .

Choose fast loading template.

Template is one of the important element of the website it help’s in improving visual impact of the website and its design. Apart from just design, it also affects the website seo to a large extent. Like if your template is too heavy then it will take longer time to load on your visitor screen and ruins website seo .When every tips above does not help you reducing webpage laod time then there might be problem with template.So it's better to  get new fast loading and user friendly template for your website or blog .
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Unleashing the significance of voice search on your Android device

Unleashing the significance of voice search on your Android device

Speak now

Gone are the days when finding something online involved typing in long keywords/phrases, now you can simply search for tons of useful stuff by simply speaking to your phone. Introduced in Android powered smartphones, the innovative Voice Search system has allowed consumers to find the best details/information in accordance to the spoken search term/keyword. This blog of mine serves as an attempt to make you familiar with the ultimate significance of voice search feature on your Android smartphone. 

Commandr- A free and must-have software for flawless Google voice command system

A young app developer named Ryan Senanayake has come up with a brilliant little tool that has been immensely successful in empowering the in-built Google voice command system. Called as  Commandr, this tool is complete free of cost and something you'll definitely like to have on your Android device. Once installed in your Android device, Commandr will operate in the backgound and you'll never actually come to know that you're using it for performing voice search on your device .

Google voice

Here's a list of commands that you can issue for your phone post installation of Commandr in your Android enabled smartphone device:

Ø  Turn the Wi-Fi on or off
Ø  Turn the Flashlight on or off
Ø  Turn the Bluetooth on or off
Ø  Read the unread SMSs
Ø  Pause music
Ø  Play the next song lined up in the playlist
Ø  Resume the currently played music
Ø  Play the previous song
Ø  Create a new Playlist

There's a lot more to follow for Commandr

Android commandr

One of the greatest advantages of Commandr is that it works perfectly with very little effort. This Android voice search app functions by merely listening to the user's search commands via Android's accessibility service. Ever since its release, Commandr has worked consistently well and received regular updates that have played a vital role in improving and expanding its in-built functionality in some interesting ways. The development community behind Commandr has promised that this is just the beginning and that the team is actively working on addition of a host of specialty voice commands including: Wifi hotspot turn on or off, having the device read aloud all the unread Gmail messages from the Inbox. 

Google Now- Serving as your virtual assistant

After the incredible success of iPhone 4S's Siri voice control feature, Google took a great dive by introducing one of its kind of virtual personal assistant called Google Now. As the second major company releasing the voice control feature on its millions of mobile devices; Google didn't leave any stone unturned when it came to offering users an excellent voice search feature. Launched on July 9, 2012, Google Now was a major part of the Android 4.1(“Jelly Bean”) update. Much better than Siri, Google Now comes with an add-on feature as per which the user's want is being pre-empted on the basis of their individual search habits and the email history.

If you're thinking that connecting the Google Now software with your device's searchable activity is tedious then wait. You'll just need to include a few lines of code for performing this job in a simple and convenient way. Just add AndroidManifest.xml for connecting the Google Now SEARCH_ACTION with the searchable activity as shown below:

<activity android:name=".SearchableActivity">
        <action android:name="com.google.android.gms.actions.SEARCH_ACTION"/>
        <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT"/>

Once you're done with making the above changes, you can expect your app to receive the SEARCH_ACTION intent that contains the SearchManager.QUERY along with the search expression. Google has always been looking for innovative ways of improving mobile search and retaining user attention on your app. For example, with the all-new 'Google Now' feature, users can simply say “Ok Google, search food store” and view hundreds and thousands of records for the best food outlets in town. Currently available on English locale Android devices running Jelly Bean, Google Now allows Android app users to enable the Ok Google keyword detection via any screen that offers a seamless route between the search command and the Android app under focus. 

Wrapping Up

A voice search feature can definitely boost the overall performance of your Android device. All you need to be careful about is the correct set up and installation of the chosen voice command system. With a proper implementation of voice search feature, you'll be able to enjoy your experience of exploring the Android device to the fullest.

About Author

Victoria Brinsley is a Android app developer for Appsted Ltd. She can assist you the best advices to those who are looking forward to avail Android Development Services for hire.
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Great Content Creation Tools for Savvy Blogger

Great Content Creation Tools for Savvy Blogger

Being a successful blogger is not only providing excellent service to your readers but making sure your work flow is running smoothly and efficiently. With all the readers and their needs and wants, it is easy to get lost in a mountain of work. You may love your job but you don’t need to be consumed by it.

Great Content Creation Tools for Savvy Blogger There are tools that help make your blogging life easier and your job just a bit less stressful. First thing is before starting any work today- take an inventory of your work load. What parts of your work are you striving to keep up with and what parts are running smoothly? It is best to start with the areas that need more help than others. Soon you will be one efficient blog content creator with enough time to sip that latter.

Cloud-Based Apps and Programs

 If you haven’t already done so, use a cloud program. Not only can you access your work wherever you are (think waiting for the dentist or having repair work on the car) but your entire team to can be on the same page. When it comes to teams, you know it’s important to have clear communication and with a cloud app or program you can all be on the same page and make comments and take notes.  The best FREE cloud storage services are:

  • Dropbox. Dropbox can be used on different operating systems and can be linked to other devices.
  • Google Drive. Google Drive is accessible to you anywhere you have access and since it is easy to use, many people can use it regardless of where they are.
  • SkyDrive. This is the Microsoft storage cloud and it is ideal if you are running Windows 8 and have Windows devices.

Content Creating Tools to Make Your Life Easier

You know your clients and you know what they expect from you and that is great but that doesn’t mean your life is simple as pressing a little button. Here are some other tools that are free that might make your work day go a little smoother.

  • EssayMama. Even if you're not a student anymore, you still can use this service for custom essay writing needs. As a content creator you need 100% original content from experts in your industry, right? Then Essay Mama is best the place for you.
  • Use a password manager. You know you have dozens of passwords to remember. Use on of these tools to keep your passwords organized and always at hand.  Try out these password managers such as LastPass 3.0 and KeePass. F-Secure Key is free for one device but you can upgrade to multiple devices.
  • Evernote. Evernote is available on many devices and you can do a lot with it. You can write reminders, capture video and sound, and also capture images. This is like your brainstorming center. Let’s say you are waiting for the dentist and a great idea pops in your head. With Evernote, you can capture your idea and access it anywhere.
  • Mind42. Here is another free tool where you can jot down ideas on a particular project and let’s you see how the ideas work together. This is very similar to brainstorming maps that you may have done in school, in fact this a “mind mapping” tool.
  • Piktochart. Piktochart allows you to create beautiful infographics easily. You can even store the infographics and make as many changes as you need.

Stay on Top of Your Social Media Posts

Facebook and Twitter are really the heart of what you do and also how you advertise your services. Yet, if you have three, four, five, six or more clients you might get lost in a sea of yellow post it notes reminding you to write this tweet or post this on this client’s page. Use these tools to make posting quicker and more efficient.

  • Tweetdeck. Many people love Twitter and turn to Twitter to make a quick announcement or a statement. With Tweetdeck, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts from one page. So you can write those tweets in very little time. The best part is this FREE and there is no limit to how many profiles you can manage.
  • Hootsuite. This is a social management tool that lets you manage Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and more. There are plenty of other features.  There is a free option which allows up to five profiles and two RSS feeds. Yet, for $9 a month you can get up too 100 profiles.
  • Buffer. Like Hootsuite, Buffer offers a free option and a pay option. The free option allows two profiles and ten items scheduled for posting. Buffer allows you to make scheduled posts on Google plus, Linked in, Twitter and Facebook.

Make Time for Time Management

You know are busy and if you haven’t done so, make sure to use the programs for the best use of your time. Time management is key to success in any venture but in a business like yours not managing your time may have repercussions, such as you can you lose clients, turn in sub par work or even worse, spend too much time at work and not enough down time. Once you begin working on time management always remember to leave wiggle room for anything that may happen to throw off your schedule. Remember managing your time is to help you be more efficient and more productive in your work day.

  • Remember the Milk. If you have a lot going on and not only with your work but with your personal commitments this one app you should definitely have. It sends you alerts when things are due or deadlines are coming up.
  • Now Do This. If you love to do lists then you will love this. Now Do This is easy and free to use.  All you have to do is type in the things you need to get done and then when you accomplish them just check them off. This is much better than paper because you can always lose paper especially if your desk is covered with other paper.
  • Google Calendar. It’s Google and it’s free and if you need a place to plan your week to week activities or day to day tasks then you should really have this on all your devices. The calendar is one of the best tools for long term and short term planning. The success of any calendar program or app is how you use it. You have to make the commitment to use the calendar and use it often and it will be your best friend for time management.
 Love your blog even more with these helpful tools that take you further in your blog career. 
About Author
Jess Millis, an aspiring writer, savvy content creator, blogger and top-notch content editor.
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What Makes Domain Name Valuable and Costly

What Makes Domain Name Valuable and Costly

You might have heard that, Some of the Top level domain name are sold in between 3 to 5 digit figure. Even some of the domain names were sold in an about 6 digit figure (Millions). But Did you ever wonder? What make's those Piece of words cost million of dollars whereas majority of the domain cost hardly lies in between 10 to 100 dollars .Before revealing the Truth behind the domain prize take a quick look of of top 10 most expensive domain name ever sold . You will certainly get a rough idea why they are so costly. 

               By going through above Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names list you might have figured out why there are sold at high prize, Yeah you are bit right . All the domain name listed as top 10 most expensive domain name are easy to remember ,named after popular keywords and most important there bid rate is high that is lot's of people are interested in buying these domain name . If you are thinking to make money with domain name then make sure you buy domain name which are in demands and full fill some of the factor listed below. 

Factors That Makes Domain Name Valuable and Costly

Every Top level domain name you search via available domain name search tool are valuable, but what does makes some of the domain name so valuable and costly still a untold puzzle. In this article we will cover up the important factor that affect's the cost of the domain name. Actually there is no secrets behinds domain name cost , the cost of the domain name depends on several factor that Counts towards its bid rate in domain auction. We have listed here some of the important factors that makes any domain name valuable. These are Domain name popularity, It's Age, Popular Keywords,high bid rate keywords, Ease for remembering , Short domain name and the most important is demand of the domain name. There are also some top level domain name on the web which was bought with just 2 digit figure but now thier starting biding prize start from million of dollars , Example of such Domain name are www.google.com , www.facbook.com etc . In this article we will be discussing about each and every factor that makes domain name costly one by one. Let's start with the factor that make any domain name premium ,valuable and costly.

Domain Age - Aged Domain Names

Aged Domain Names have lots of positive impact on the search engine optimization as there may be chances of getting thousands of free back links associated with the domain name, More domain name age, the more valuable it would be, Reason is very simple if the domain name is old enough then there are possibilities that website would be rich with one side Back link and hence improves website Seo. Aged Domain name rich with backlink boosy website or blog seo as soon as they parked that's why they are more worth then normal domain name . Search engine treat this old aged domains as secured and trusted .So if your thinking to buy domain name in auction or for the auction then make sure to check Domain name age is high and have back links associated with it. Although the domain age is one of the factor that make domain name valuable but to make it expensive of 3 to 5 digit figure costly. the domain name must be easy to remember.

Tips for buying Aged domain name 

Make sure to do Good research about the old domain name before buying, Not all the aged domain name are always good. There are plenty of old aged domain name which are are good for nothing because of there back linking and reputation history .For example Consider the domain name www.Example.com, this domain name have been used for making fraud, marked for spamming and have unnatural back link etc. So as soon as you buy these domain name with bad history all the problem's associate with the domain name history will partially link with you. So make sure to do good research about the domain name your are buying.

Short Domain Name Length

A domain name whose name/keyword is short, easy to remember are considered as best Choice for any website domain and posses high bid rate in the domain name auction, People often buy these domain as soon as they figure out about the short length domain name, Moreover the bid rate in auction is also high due to easy to remember. A good Short Domain name is the one having some meaning combination of search terms in search engine along with popular domain name extension. The combination of Aged domain name with Positive Along with short length will be perfect recipe to attract 3-4 digit figure bucks in Domain auction.

Tips for buying Short domain name

Short length domain name are valuable because they are easy to remember and have huge competition in Domain auction , Because of there demands they have always higher bid rate then other's standard domain name . Even some of the Short domain name with meaningful words are the perfect combination for increasing bid rate to millions . for example the The domain name www.Fb.com was sold in millions .So, If you have 3 digit domain name then you might earn 3+ digit bucks out of it in auction. Although short length domain name are valuable but some domain name containing alpha numeric character and special character like - or _ are less valuable as compared to Domain name contain's only alphabets .

Domain Contains most searched keywords.

A domain name containing popular searched keywords are valuable. These popular keywords are more often searched in the search engine having high seo authority and improve's the website seo and brings potential traffic to a Website or blog , this is the main reason why some domain name are counted as valuable. So, if your domain name contain a popular keywords having high search impact then your domain name will give you lots of bidder and Money in Domain Auction

Tips for buying Short domain name

You might have seen , people are more interested in some of the words like money, trade, free, Insurance,cars etc these type of words when included in the domain name improve the domain value but to 1 - 2% whereas when the domain name contains only these keywords and domain name combination of most search keywords maintaing the short domain length are highly valuable and can gave you large number of bidder and dollars in domain auction .So if you are willing to make real money with domain auction go for the short domain name having popular domain name keywords.

Domain name Extension

Domain name extension has great impact on over all cost of the domain name. There is no so called reason for the domain name cost having domain name extension .com , .org .net or .co, It just matter of physiology of the people . people likes the .com domain more then .org that's why the .com domain name extension boost the overall domain name cost .Just having popular domain name extension like .com does not contribute towards the domain name cost the domain name must be in demands , short in length having high page rank along with the .com domain extension make perfect recipe for domain auction and attract the large number of bidder .

Tips for buying domain name Extension

Domain name extension plays important role in domain name worth . The domain name extension like .com . net .org .co and some of the country domain name extension are more valuable as compared to other domain name . Moreover people like .com domain name extension more then any other domain name because they are more familiar with .com extension and have positive impact over the bidder. So if you are planning to buy domain name for domain auction go for the .com domain extension . 

Domain name Popularity

Demands always brings competition weather the demands is for product or anything else but It's not surprising to know that when any product is available in limited having huge Demand are just priceless . This is the main reason behind unexpected High bid behind any domain name sells and may even result to unexpected worth even to 10+ million . So if you Don't have aged domain name , with fancy domain name with keywords don't feel low . Just buy a brand new domain name you like it and make your domain name valuable such that people like it more then any . once your domain name gains popularity place your domain name auction you will love to see the Drastic results . 

Tips for buying domain name Extension

There are few domain name that had been sold in millions, Only just because they are popular over the internet and being searched Millions times . So if you are lucky enough to get popular or make your domain name popular then you will able to make 10000 + bucks in Domain auction. However if you don't have time to make your domain name popular then go for the Most searched domain name for cheap rate then place it on auction . You might make some extra money out by selling domain name .
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Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Domain name is the unique name made up of alpha numeric character used to represent website server. Generally, cost of the top-level domain name hardly touches $25 whereas some of the domain name which are marked as premium domain can cost you around $10,000 You will be astonished to know that there were some domain name had been sold in millions of dollars in past  .Here is the list of Top 10 expensive domain name ever sold . We have included only Family safe domain name list here .Some of the domain name have been dropped out due to there meanings.

List of Popular Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Domain NamePublished sales
(in Millions)
Registrar InfoExpires
Sold On
January 08, 2022   
May 15, 
August 06,

May 08, 
November 09, 2016
March 31,
September 28, 2015
May 23,
March 20,
October 12, 2020

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Top 10 Software Company of India 2015 With Carrier Link

Top 10 Software company of India


What's better then working for multinational company, Here we have the list of top 10 Best information technology or software company for you. We have attach carrier link of the concerned Software company so that you can apply to them on there official site .We have also come up with short intro about Software company like its headquarter  and most asked historical event associated with the concerned company.  

10) Larsen & Toubro Infotech 

Larsen & Toubro Infotech was founded in 1997 , headquarter at Mumbai ( State : Maharashtra Country : India ) and was ranked as 8th best companny of india in 2011.Larsen & Toubro Infotech is also know by short name as L&T Infotech .Revenue made by Larsen & Toubro Infotech in 2012 was around US $ 642 million in 2012 .

Official website of L&T Infotech  http://www.lntinfotech.com
Carrier for freshers in L&T Infotech http://www.lntinfotech.com/careers
Official L&T Infotech  Linked in Account  http://www.linkedin.com/company/4500
Official L&T Infotech Twitter Account http://www.twitter.com/LnT_Infotech
Official L&T Infotech  youtube Account http://www.youtube.com/user/LarsenToubroInfotech

9) MphasiS 

MphasiS  is the multinational IT services company owned by Hewlett-Packard .MphasiS was founded in 2000 by Jaithirth Rao(Indian businessman and entrepreneur) headquarter of MphasiS is in Bangalore (India). Revenue made  by MphasiS in 2012 was US$1.2 billion .MphasiS is offer services like outsourcing services , IT and business consulting etc .

Official website of  MphasiS http://www.mphasis.com
Carrier for freshers in MphasiS   http://www.mphasis.com/jobs.html


iGATE PATNI was founded by Phaneesh Murthy (an Indian businessperson) on 1978 , have main headquater at Bangalore ( India )  with iGATE PATNI is the indian multinational company which provides services like  IT services outsourcing  and Business solutions in 23 countries , its revenue in year 2012 is US $393.85 million .

Official website of  iGATE PATNI http://www.igatepatni.com
Carrier for Fresher in iGATE PATNI 
Official iGATE PATNI  Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/igatepatni
Official iGATE PATNI Twitter Account http://www.twitter.com/igate_corp
Official iGATE PATNI Linked in Account http://www.linkedin.com/company/igate_2

7) oracle Financial services Software

Oracle Financial Services Software was formerly known as  i-flex Solutions Limited was founded in 1930 having headquarter in  Mumbai ( India ) . Oracle Financial Services Software is the Multinational company which provides services like  IT solution ,Business consulting  and  IT consulting .Revenue made by Oracle Financial Services Software Limited in 2012 is US$649.38 million .

Official website of  Oracle Financial Services Software http://www.oracle.com
Carrier in Oracle Financial Services Software  http://www.oracle.com/carrier
Official Oracle Financial Services Software Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Oracle
Official Oracle Financial Services Software Account http://twitter.com/Oracle
Official Oracle Financial Services Software youtube   http://www.youtube.com/oracle

) Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra Limited was founded in between 1986 by the Indian Business personality " Vineet Nayyar " . Tech Mahindra Limited is one of the part belongs to Mahindra Group .Tech Mahindra Limited is leading indian provider of networking technology solutions , information technology (IT) and also provide (BPO) business support services Around the globe for telecommunications industry with 50,479 employess. Revenue made by  Tech Mahindra Limited in 2012 was $1.161 billion . 

Tech Mahindra Limited stands on  6th position of ours Top 10 information technology companies of India  list , according to there Past Revenues comparison ,Services ,Market value till 2012 .

Official website of  Tech Mahindra Limited http://www.techmahindra.com
Carrier in Tech Mahindra Limited https://careers.techmahindra.com
Official Tech Mahindra Limited Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/TechMahindra
Official Tech Mahindra Limited Twitter Account  http://twitter.com/Tech_Mahindra
Official Tech Mahindra Limited youtube Account  http://www.youtube.com/user/techmahindra09

5) HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies Limited is also known in world by well know short name called HCL is the one of the successfull multinational information technology (IT) company of India and its is the one of the well know provider of IT, business consulting and outsourcing services not only in India but also across the globe ,HCL Technologies Limited  was founded in 12-November-1991 by Shiv Nadar an Indian industrialist and philanthropist. Cognizant Technology Solutions had US$ 4.4 billion revenue in 2012 ..Cognizant Technology Solutions main headquartered is in Noida ( State : Uttar  :United States )

HCL Technologies Limited stands on  4th position of ours Top 10 Software companies of India  list , according to there Past Revenues comparison ,Services ,Market value till 2012 .

Official website of  HCL Technologies Limited http://www.hcltech.com
Carrier in HCL Technologies Limited  http://www.hcltech.com/careers/apply-hcl
Official HCL Technologies Limited Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/HCLTechnologies
Official HCL Technologies Limited Twitter Account
Official HCL Technologies Limited youtube Account http://www.youtube.com/user/HCLTechtube

) Cognizant Technology solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions is the multinational company Within key services  IT,outsourcing services and business consulting . It  was founded in early 1944 by Kumar Mahadeva (Sri Lankan American.Cognizant Technology Solutions main headquartered is in Teaneck ( State : New Jersey Country : United States ) . Revenue made by Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2012 was US$ 6.118 billion .  Cognizant Technology Solutions have Highest  number  employees in 2012 ( 150,400 ( in 2012 ) .

Official website of  Cognizant Technology Solutions   http://www.cognizant.com
Carrier in Cognizant Technology Solutions   http://www.cognizant.com/careers
Official Cognizant Technology Solutions Facebook page http://twitter.com/cognizant 
Official Cognizant Technology Solutions Twitter Account
Official Cognizant Technology Solutions youtube Account http://www.youtube.com/Cognizant

) Infosys

Infosys is an  Indian multinational Company was founded in 1981  by only seven people  ( N. R. Narayana Murthy ,N. S. Raghavan,Ashok Arora ,Nandan Nilekani,S. Gopalakrishnan,K. Dinesh,S. D. Shibulal ) with only 250$ in hand . Infosys Company amazingly worked hard to come up as India's most successful  multinational It company which deals with services in Software(IT), Business consulting and outsourcing Company .Infosys's main headquartered is in Headquarters Bangalore (State :Karnataka, Country :India ) . Revenue made by Infosys in 2012 was US$ 6.99 billion .

We placed Infosys in 2nd position in our Top-ten IT companies in India list according to there employees number (153,761 (2012) ) ,Past Revenues comparison ,Services ,Market value till 2012 .

Official website of  Infosys   www.infosys.com
Carrier in Infosys      www.infosys.com/careers
Official Infosys Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Infosys
Official  Twitter Account  http://twitter.com/infosys
Official Infosys Google+  page

) Wipro

Wipro  is Indian multinational Company was founded in 1945  by Mohamed Hasham Premji .Wipro limited was also know as Western India Products Limited Earlier .Wipro is the one of the biggest provider of services in Software(IT), Business consulting and outsourcing Company .Wipro's main headquartered is in Headquarters Bangalore (State :Karnataka, Country :India ) .Revenue made by Wipro in 2012 was US$ 7.30 billion .

Wipro standing still on 3rd position of our  Top-ten Software companies in India in 2012 , According to there employees number (135,920 (in 2012) ) ,Past Revenues comparison ,Services ,Market value till 2012.

Official website of  Wipro  http://www.wipro.com
Carrier in Wipro  http://careers.wipro.com
Official Wipro Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/WiproTechnologies
Official Wipro Twitter Account  https://twitter.com/Wipro

1)  Tata Consultancy services Limited 

Tata Consultancy Services was founded by Mr. J. R. D. Tata (Born : 29/July /1904  , Left this World  :29/November/1993 ) in 1968 . Tata Consultancy Services is also know as TCS , Tata Consultancy Services  is one of the biggest Indian Multinational Company which deals with services like Software(IT), Business consulting and outsourcing etc. Tata Consultancy Services's main headquartered is in Mumbai (State: Maharashtra , Country India) . Revenue made by Tata Consultancy Services in 2012 was US$ 10.17 billion .

We placed Tata Consultancy Services Limited in 1st position of our Top-ten  information technology (IT) company of  India list , according to there employees number (254,076 (2012) ) ,Past Revenues comparison ,Services ,Market value till 2012 .

Official website of  Tata Consultancy Services www.tcs.com
Carrier in Tata Consultancy Services www.careers.tcs.com
Tata Consultancy Services's FB page http://www.facebook.com/TataConsultancyServices
Tata Consultancy Services's Twitter account http://twitter.com/TCS_News
Tata Consultancy Services's Google+ page https://plus.google.com/u/0/106174146421219809019

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